La'uo system

Single star system with 4 planets.
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La'uo system
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La'uo system
Single Star
98.26494 AU
Star type
Astronomical objects
Asteroid belts
Jump points
Discovered in
2759 (by Xi'an) or 2771 (by Humans)
Discovered by
Xi'an outlaws, and later the UEE military.
Historical name

The La'uo system ( Xi'an: 8hui sen 8la2uo(Hui sen La'uo) (Proper); literally La'uo System; ). formerly known as the Virtus system, is a Xi'an star system and former Perry Line system. It was ceded from the United Empire of Earth to the Xi'an Empire as a result of the Perry Line Pact in 2793. The system features an expanding red giant. It is also known for his officially-sanctioned criminality.


The system was discovered by a group of Xi'an outlaws in SEY 2759 (MXY III.1017) who found a jump point within the neighbouring Eealus system. At the time, the Xi'an government declined to claim the system due to a lack of terraformable planets. Later in SEY 2771 (MXY III.1026), the UEE military discovered a jump point from the Tohil system, and both militaries rushed into the system, displacing the outlaws.[1]

Later, Emperor Twayng Kray used the system to reach the Tohil system and meet Senator Terrence Akari, where they would negotiate the Akari-Kray Peace Accord that ended the Xi'an-Human Cold War. The pirate gangs of the system aided the Emperor in his secret journey, and in return he granted them dominion over the system as legally recognised nyayu'a, an authorised criminal syndicate.[1]

The Xi'an Empire authorizes the nyayu'a to operate under certain conditions. That does not mean it is a lawless system. Unauthorized criminals caught operating here will incur the wrath of both the Xi'an government and the system's sanctioned gangs.[2] The Xi'an government retained control of the second planet, which is a mining and prison colony.[1]



La'uo is an expanding red giant (spectral type: M) star. Its type is recorded in the Starmap as 'Giants-Giant-M'.


Pi'tua (La'uo I)

A planet that has been evaporating away since the star entered the red giant phase.[3]

Yengchuai (La'uo II)

The red giant star has turned Virtus II into a lava planet. Heavy mining and production facilities are built between massive lava flows. Many of these facilities are hard labour camps populated with Xi'an prisoners. Sentient rights activists in the UEE frequently pressure the government to reproach the Xi'an over the practice.[4]

Kyu'ām (La'uo III)

A smog planet with a rapidly rising surface temperature due to the increased heat from the system's red giant.[5]

S.ap'uāng (La'uo IV)

A gas giant with a turbulent atmosphere plagued by electrical storms.[6]

Asteroid Belts

La'uo Belt Alpha

( Xi'an: 8huichuaihyao 1#o se 8la'uo(Huichuaihyao y.ath'o se La'uo) (Proper); literally 1st Asteroid Belt of La'uo; ) Comprised of smaller asteroids, the Xi'an mining consortia prefer to build stations on the fringe of the belt from which to launch their mining operations.[7] The belt formed from a large planetesimal that failed to coalesce into a full planet and was broken apart to form the mineral and metal-rich asteroids.[8]

La'uo Belt Beta

( Xi'an: 8huichuaihyao 2#o se 8la'uo(Huichuaihyao sy.en'o se La'uo) (Proper); literally 2nd Asteroid Belt of La'uo; ) This belt contains a large collection of high-purity water asteroids, which are harvested as a source of fresh water. Some Xi'an mining consortia are permitted to mine here by the nyayu'a in exchange for peacefully ceding a small percentage of their cargo if they are boarded.[9]

Known jump points

Data was unable to be retrieved.


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