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Gameplay mechanics
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M50 Racing
M50 Racing

Racing is the speed demon's career, filled with thrumming engines, chanting fans, and split-second decisions. Racers tune their beloved M50 Interceptor or 350r to racing specifications for months before each race, trying to get that slight edge on their opponents. The grand dream of any racer is the Murray Cup, the jewel in star racing's triple crown.[1]

There are two major types of racing in Star Citizen, ship racing and ground racing. The current time trial missions only support ship racing, while there are community events where ground races are organized.

Ship Racing

There are numerous dedicated racing ships available but racing is not limited to those ships. Popular racing ship choices include but are not limited to the 350r, M50, P-52 Merlin, P-72 Archimedes, Razor, Mustang Gamma and Razor LX

Race Tracks

an overview of the Lorville Outskirts
The Lorville Outskirts is the first race track of the time trial missions

Several racing locations in Stanton were added in Patch 3.18. These race tracks were community-driven in their creation and feature updated assets and set dressings.

Track Name Location Length Features
Lorville Outskirts Hurston 22.8 km Sharp Turns
Caplan Circuit Crusader 29.4 km Numerous Slaloms, Heavy Infrastructure
The Icebreaker Euterpe 20.3 km Low Visibility
The Sky Scraper ArcCorp 15.5 km Narrow Checkpoints, Sharp Turns
The Snake Pit Clio 10.5 km Low-Altitude Flying, Winding Track
Miner's Lament Yela 52.5 km Zero-G Flying
Yadar Valley Daymar 16.1 km Low-Altitude Flying

Time Trials

Time Trial missions were added in Patch 3.18 under a racing category. Time trial missions are issued by Wildstar Racing and new time trial missions are unlocked by increasing your reputation with Wildstar Racing.

The rewards for the time trials are cumulative. Eg. If you finish with a silver timing, you get the rewards for bronze and DNP (return of mission fee) as well.

Race Track Location Rep Required Entry Fee (aUEC) Platinum Finish Gold Finish Silver Finish Bronze Finish Did Not Place
Lorville Outskirts Hurston 0 400 1:36.136 (+1600 aUEC) 2:00.169 (+1200 aUEC) 2:24.204 (+800 aUEC) 3:12.272 (+400 aUEC) 4:48.408 (Return Fee)
The Icebreaker Eurtepe 2 1000 1:36.236 (+2000 aUEC) 2:00.296 (+1500 aUEC) 2:24.355 (+1000 aUEC) 3:12.473 (+500 aUEC) 4:48.710 (Return Fee)
The Sky Scraper ArcCorp 3 1600 1:18.538 (+2200 aUEC) 1:38.172 (+1650 aUEC) 1:57.807 (+1100 aUEC) 2:37.076 (+550 aUEC) 3:55.614 (Return Fee)
The Snake Pit Clio 4 2400 1:03.604 (+2400 aUEC) 1:19.506 (+1800 aUEC) 1:35.407 (+1200 aUEC) 2:07.209 (+600 aUEC) 3:10.815 (Return Fee)
Caplan Circuit Crusader 5 3250 2:30.727 (+2600 aUEC) 3:08.410 (+1950 aUEC) 3:46.091 (+1300 aUEC) 5:01.455 (+650 aUEC) 7:32.183 (Return Fee)
Yadar Valley Daymar 6 4200 1:28.420 (+2800 aUEC) 1:50.526 (+2100 aUEC) 2:12.631 (+1400 aUEC) 2:56.841 (+700 aUEC) 4:25.263 (Return Fee)
Miner's Lament Yela 7 5600 3:07.830 (+3200 aUEC) 3:54.787 (+2400 aUEC) 4:41.744 (+1600 aUEC) 6:15.660 (+800 aUEC) 9:23.489 (Return Fee)
Helmet HUD display when completing a Racing time trial mission

When participating in a time trial mission, it is strongly encourage to wear a helmet as the timer and time trial result is only displayed in your helmet HUD.

Ground Racing

picture of the vision center race track
BTR Vision Center Race Track in the Orison Vision Center. This is a dedicated race track for the Greycat PTV Buggy

While there are no official ground racing tracks yet available in the core missions, there are community races using various areas in Stanton as race tracks. Vehicles using in ground races include Cyclone RC, HoverQuad, Greycat PTV and the Dragonfly.

A race track was built into the Orison Vision Center on Crusader which features an indoor race track for the Greycat PTV in Alpha 3.18.0.


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