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Star Citizen Wiki:Policies

General policies on the Star Citizen Wiki

Primary Focus

The goal of this wiki is to make Star Citizen more accessible, provide a collection of official CIG facts and lore, and index resources.


We strive to cite sources, ideally back to official CIG materials or statements.

Community Lore

At this time we are not supporting community authored extensions to lore, except were accepted by CIG into their official narrative. (One exception to this is the resources side, linking to useful sites as is done here: List of Star Citizen Communities.) So please do not enter Player Organizations, Player Characters or Fan Fiction.

Copyrights & Sources

All content should be sourced, and rights of use should be clear. See Project:Copyrights for rights of use for various media.

Images & Media

All images and media should be sourced in the description field, and rights of use should be clear (license field). See Project:Copyrights for rights of use for various media. Highest resolution available is preferred.


We should be syncing data with RSI as tightly as possible. Thus we should be using RSI as a guide to language and spelling. For example RSI uses the Americanized spelling of "Organization" over the British English "Organisation".

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