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Star Citizen Wiki:Path to Citizenship

From the Star Citizen Wiki, the fidelity™ encyclopedia

This initiative seeks to make this wiki as the best place to go to learn about this game.

Primarily looking from two perspectives:


Use case: Person has just recently heard about Star Citizen (and/or Squadron 42) and would like to know if this is the game for them, and if so how to back. In the normal wiki way, this would be as neutral non-sales oriented as possible. A place were a person can get objective information on the game(s) and options.

Primary Entry Points: Star Citizen, Squadron 42, FAQ

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Use case: Person has just recently backed Star Citizen (and/or Squadron 42) and needs to learn how to play and engage with the community.

Primary Entry Points: Category:Guides, FAQ


Build up the content on the entry points and subsequent articles linked from there to build on the ability to deliver information to readers of these perspectives.

Follow ups

It would be worthwhile to think about other use cases and how to make this wiki better suited for those types of people.

Some possible user "groups" we could possibly focus on.

  • Project:Loremasters basically is that for the lore focused individuals.
    • Fan Fiction writers
    • Fan Artists
  • Competitive Pilots
    • Load out creators
    • Min-maxers comparing ships
  • Journalists
    • Game Journalists
    • In Verse Journalists

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