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Star Citizen Wiki:Copyrights

From the Star Citizen Wiki, the fidelity™ encyclopedia

Generally speaking, everything here applies: Wikipedia:Copyrights

CIG/RSI has granted rights of reuse for their public Comm-Link art and text for fansites.[1]

Other content creators, including derivative works using CIG/RSI intellectual property, would need to grant permissions to use their work, either on case-by-case basis or a general grant.

Individual permission

Individuals who have granted permissions to use their work is listed below.

Name Type Date Work Reference
Aelanna Tesla In-game screenshots 2016-09-06 Flickr [2]
Mr Hasgaha In-game Screenshots 2016-10-12 Flickr [3]
The Damn Shames In-game Screenshots 2016-10-20 Flickr [4]
Rellim In-game Screenshots 2017-04-04 Flickr [5]

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