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Star Citizen Wiki:Loremasters

From the Star Citizen Wiki, the fidelity™ encyclopedia

Draft WIP - Comments welcome.

Project Overview

The goal is a full exploration of CIG's lore, an expanded writer's guide with behind the scenes observations. This will be in stark contrast to the eventually available official Galactapedia, which will likely be in character only, and likely only show things the UEE public is supposed to know.

Note: By full exploration, still mean to attempt to stay in a neutral objective "tone". Provide Wikipedia style analysis of the subject matter.


Would like to use heavy use of the Category System. All lore articles should be Category:Lore (exception: Comm-Link Archive)


Should this include Systems? Should Systems be Subcategory of Lore?


Considering a {{Lore}} template to denote pure in lore text. Meaning written from an in-lore perspective, as opposed to simply talking about lore. Maybe {{LoreQuote}}?


We currently have a proposed organization template:

Template:Infobox Organization

Proposed Character Infobox:

Template:Infobox Character

These could potentially stand to be developed and do autolinking (and auto-categorization) were possible.

Basic format for Historical Events:

  • Name =
  • Image =
  • Type =
  • Start Date =
  • End Date =

May have different Infoboxes like Wars and battles, but all should have these fields.

Example Pages

To Be Written.

Candidate Examplars:

Spoiler Policy

Good question. We have a spoiler block, so should use for spoilers of the Squadron 42 or PU mission narratives. But mostly for main lore I don't think we should bother. General disclaimers may apply to the Lore Section ("may contain spoilers").

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