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Star Citizen Wiki:Moderation policy

Moderation policy on the Star Citizen Wiki

The Star Citizen Wiki involves many eager and positive contributors; but sometimes moderation is necessary to maintain the high standards and information of the Wiki. In the case where Administrators and Editors are needed, the following policies will guide moderation actions, such as reverts, blocks, and bans.

Edit conflicts

In the case of edit conflicts where two or more contributors are not in agreement about a page's contents, they should either take the discussion to the Talk page, or post in the Discord where an Editor can create a Thread for discussion.

If no consensus can be reached, an Editor will decide the final contents of the disputed page.

If you are working on a page for an extended period of time, consider using the {{In use}} template to notify other contributors.

Actions and punishments

Please note all actions will include a comment on the user's Talk Page to describe the action, and what the next steps should be for the offending user.

Actions and punishments
Action Punishment Note
Incorrect information added to pages Warning on Talk Page User will be notified of the information, and will have a discussion about good sources and policies around page editing.
Repeatedly ignoring Editor comments/concerns Temporary block from editing User will be contacted directly
Targeted harassment of a User Temporary block from editing User will be contacted directly and told to cease harassment actions
Deliberate vandalism and/or destruction Permanent Block from all editing and account creation In the case of either a mistake or account takeover/hacking, please contact an Editor on the Discord to retrieve account privileges.
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