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Star Citizen Wiki:Translations

Translations on the Star Citizen Wiki

The translations project is an on-going community effort to make the wiki available in more languages. It is in a very early stage, with limited articles available for translations. The translation process is straightforward, and we need your help in making it better! If you need more information on the project, feel free to leave a message in the discussion page or poke us on our Discord!

Current status

Translations are limited to a small set of Comm-Link pages. Comm-link pages are marked for translation because they are not likely to be edited. With every new edit on a translated page, the page needed to be marked for translation again, and the old translation might be invalidated, requiring new translation. To prevent that effort for both translators and editors, the page list has to be limited.

Useful links:

Getting started

Anyone can translate on the wiki easily. There is only a few quick steps to get you started.

  1. Create an account on the wiki
  2. Tell us a bit about yourself on Discord! We are interested in:
    1. What is your name on the wiki?
    2. Why do you want to translate?
    3. Please list the languages that you speak/write and how familiar (1-N) you are with it:
      • 1 stands for basic knowledge: the ability to understand and answer simple questions in the language.
      • 2 stands for intermediate knowledge.
      • 3 stands for advanced or fluent knowledge: the ability to correct spelling and grammar errors in the language.
      • 4 stands for near-native ability.
      • 5 stands for professional proficiency.
      • N stands for native language.
  3. A wiki staff will grant you translation permission, now you can start translating!

If you need any help in the process, feel free to reach us on the Discord!


  • Avoid translating to regional languages, use main languages instead (English instead of English (Canada))
  • If you don't know the translation, just skip it.
  • If the word doesn't exist in your language, just use the English text.
  • If the section has a notice saying 'Outdated' be aware that there have been made changes in the source text.
  • Do not translate any HTML/CSS tags.
  • Do not translate any templates (such as infoboxes) directly on the content page.

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