Wallace Klim

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Wallace Klim
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2948 (before)
Role Drug Chemist
Workplace Levski

Wallace Klim is a drug chemist and dealer who has set up shop in the tunnels of Levski. Wallace is frequently found either under the influence of drugs or completely out cold. He reveals in dialogue that he had a cat since the age of 14, but on a trip to Crusader it blew over the railings "and was crushed within the center of a gas giant".

Datamined voice files reveal that he is connected with both New Babbage's Eddie Par and Lorville's Shaw, and may be in hostile competition with Area18's Tecia Pacheco. In combination this makes it incredibly likely that Klim will remain in Stanton when Delamar is moved to its lore-friendly system of Nyx.


Wallace Klim was added to Levski as a Mission Giver in Alpha 3.4. He offers delivery missions. The player has to deliver a batch of a drug (which can be E'tam, Altruciatoxin or SLAM) to 'stash houses' on the three moons.


Wallace exhibits the telltale black veins of an excessive WiDoW user.