Civilian Defense Force

UEE civilian volunteer militia
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Civilian Defense Force
Headquarters Stalford, Rytif, Bremen system
Type Volunteer militia
Current Leader Bryce Balewa
Founder Bryce Balewa, Amanda Xiang
Founded in January 2947; 7 years ago (2947-01)
Predecessor Local militia

Civilian Defense Force (CDF) is a civilian volunteer militia called upon by the United Empire of Earth (UEE) military and Advocacy to provide support during times of crisis. It was founded in 2947-01 as an emergency combat unit to bolster militias and security forces under Militia Mobilization Initiative.[1][2][3] It is currently led by the Director Bryce Balewa and headquartered in Stalford, Rytif, Bremen system.[4]


"A system’s best defense will always come from its residents."
Bryce Balewa. Agent in Charge



The concept of a Civilian Defense Force was born in 2944 in a speech by Bryce Balewa at the Civilian Security Summit.[3] Based on his disastrous personal experience when he was assigned as Special Agent-in-Charge to the Ferron system, Balewa argued for an organization that could easily coordinate the efforts and resources of militias and law enforcement organizations. After the speech he was approached by Amanda Xiang, then employed as a security consultant on the Militia Mobilization Initiative legislation, and together they drafted a proposal for the creation of the CDF to be added to the MMI legislation. This proposal was approved by the Senate Defense Committee and the Civilian Defense Force was thus born in January 2947.[3]

The organization's first mission tasked members to help evacuate people from Tangaroa after a sudden and intense outbreak of volcanic activity.[5]

In 2951, a CDF was raised in Stanton to provide support for United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) against the outlaw group XenoThreat.[6]


Career ranks

Emergency Support
Level Title Rewards
3 Veteran First Responder TrueDef-Pro Core CDF
2 First Responder Lamont "Umbra" undersuit
1 First Responder Trainee Odyssey II Slate helmet
0 Volunteer none

All of the rewards are awarded post-emergency.

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