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CitizenCon 2022

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CitizenCon 2022
CitizenCon 2022 (2952)
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CitizenCon 2952 (2022) was an online event including precorded videos on October 8, 2022. The panels were live streamed via Twitch and moderated by Jared Huckabee from the The Only Constant set in Manchester.[1] The motto was 'Journey to 4.0.'

Schedule and Panels

Panel Description
Planetary Pyro[2] 'Join us for a guided, in-engine tour through many of the Planets and Moons of the upcoming Pyro System, exploring their current development status, and why they’re more than just burnt, charred husks you may have read about.' - Maximilian Keilich
Design Brief - Investigations[2] 'Explore the pitch process for a new mission archetype that leaves combat and delivery behind for mindful deduction and increased storytelling.' - Luke Pressley, Elliot Maltby
The New Underground[2] 'When corporations, commerce and caverns collide. Take your first look at the enormous re-imagining of underground facilities and the new gameplay possibilities that will arrive with them.' - Ian Leyland
The Need for (Multiple) Speeds[2] 'We all know how speed impacts combat, but now learn how Master Modes, initially developed for Squadron 42, will impact the flight experience for the Persistent Universe and better define ship roles for all vehicles in Star Citizen.' - David Colson, Richard Towler, Ged Talbot, Yogi Klatt, Jonnny Young
Lorville Redux[2] 'We’ve come a long way since our first planetary landing zone, and here you’ll get a first glimpse at how everything learned since then is being re-applied to this walled, polluted city.' - Eric Gagnon, Maxime Guindon, Ian Leyland
Power Play[2] 'How the upcoming Resource Management System will change life in the ’verse as we know it, from combat to player homesteading and allow for true multicrew gameplay.' - Dan Trufin, Thorsten Leimann
Talking Ship 2952[2] Our annual presentation from the ship teams. Discover the latest vehicles throughout the pipeline, from concept to newly flyable and a new twist to this year’s voting on a new ship to come. - John Crewe, Ben Curtis, Paul Jones
Unnamed [3] A more than 2-hour long discussion with Richard Towler and Chris Roberts, which was not officially announced previously. It covered various talking points.

Goodie pack

A digital goodies pack was handed out to all backers for free, contrary to previous years, where backers had to pay for the pack. The pack contained the following items:[4]


  • The concept of the STV and UTV, two ground-based vehicles were announced
  • 'Redesign' of Lorville, including bridges and arches to flying through[5]
  • A 'new' mission type called Investigation.[6]
    • Note: In 3.17 a type called Investigation already exist in the game, but in a very early stage. In the new iteration the player should feel like a 'detective'. Investigation should require to search clues from (dead) bodies, living persons, enviroment etc. and evaluate their credibility.
  • The Crusader Industries Spirit series concept with a cargo, bomber and personnel transport variant. A competitor to the Cutlass and Freelancer.
  • The 'new' Community Hub was discussed and opened the same day. An aggregator for community-made content .[7]
    • Note: The old Community Hub was introduced in 2015.
  • Introducing of a skill-system based on 'training' / exposure /practising was discussed. 'One branch of the skill tree is physical attributes, such as strength, agility, endurance and fitness. The other is the 'technique side', like doing a takedown' (...) 'so you could unlock different animations' (...) 'from sloppy to super-killer.' [8]


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