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The Avalon Initiative

Avalon Initiative
HeadquartersStanton system
LeadersJericho Calvestus
Discord Server

Avalon Initiative is an immersion-focused organization. This means we strive to play in character for every mission, every landing, every encounter, trade, bounty, and our favorite experience: exploration. Avalon puts roleplay first while participating in every part of the game.

Mission, Vision, and Motto

Mission: Locate, Develop, and Sustain a settlement on the borders of UEE space from which expeditions of a scientific, military, and economic nature can be launched to further humankind.

Vision: The Avalon Initiative will unite the adventurous spirits of the UEE by developing a self-sustainable, highly defendable, and strategically located settlement in the farthest reaches of UEE space that will unlock opportunities never seen before for the advancement of humankind.

Motto: Explore, Protect, Inspire.


  • Construct a self-sustainable and planet-side settlement located in fringe space.
  • Explore and chart the unknown during expeditions launched from the settlement.
  • Facilitate all playstyles and develop a thriving economy by using the settlement as a hub for the organization.
  • Build a PvX-ready defense force to protect the settlement and the Initiative's interests.

What we offer

  • Open, honest, and transparent leadership.
  • Over ten years of experience in previous MMOs
  • A story-driven and player-focused org.
  • An immersive and roleplay-centric environment supported by in-game content.
  • An opportunity for you, the player, to be a founding member of an immersive, growing, and active community.
  • Multiple paths to fit your playstyle.
  • Progression within the Initiative for outstanding members.

Join the Initiative and shape humanity's future.


There was once a dream… That humanity looked up into the stars and wondered, are we alone? What is out there? Can we find a new home? The answer came, but we lost sight of that ambition. We forgot the nature of our resolve: To Explore, To Discover, To Find Home. That’s how it all began.

The year is 2948 and gone are the days of endless exploration. The UEE has expanded and stagnated time and again. Many civilians within the UEE have grown disillusioned with the government’s ability to care for and inspire them.

Thus, an idea was formed deep in the chambers of the UEE Senate, only spoken about in hushed whispers. “What if the empire brought humankind back to its roots?” Finally, a lone Senator was brave enough to say what everyone else thought. “The empire needs to grow again; we can’t allow ourselves to succumb to stagnation lest we end up like the earth rulers of old!” After much deliberation in a closed-door Senate committee, it was there, on the political battlefield, that the Avalon Initiative was born. What was discussed remains a mystery to many, but one thing became clear. Who we are.

The Avalon Initiative is a UEE program to establish a thriving outpost at the very edge of UEE space. Why? To prove that it can be done. We are here to bring humankind back to its roots. To Explore, Protect, and Inspire. To bring the promise and inspiration of home to the furthest reaches of space.

Late in 2948, the senate committee convened again and selected the individual responsible for bringing Avalon to the UEE. Not yet enjoying an official sanction, the Commander was limited to recruiting a core group of individuals who believed enough in bringing the promise of Avalon to the frontier.

In 2949, the Avalon Initiative was granted an official sanction from the UEE. Its Mission: Locate, Settle, and Develop a highly defendable, self-sustainable, and strategically located outpost in the furthest reaches of UEE space from which expeditions of a scientific, military, and economic nature can begin. Not wasting any time, the Initiative got to work.

The Stanton system was chosen as the Initiative’s base of operations for phase 1 testing due to its diverse planets and the large number of independent individuals it houses. In early 2950, the first expedition of phase 1 testing began on MicroTech, where the Initiative tested the first iteration of its Outpost Identification, Survey, and Reconnaissance process.

The year is now 2953; the Avalon Initiative is confident that phase 1 testing has succeeded and plans to proceed to the more dangerous phase 2 in the Pyro system.


The Defense Force


The Survey Corps


The Logistics Division



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