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Osiris system

Developing single star system
Osiris system
System TypeSingle Star
Size4 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-K
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2788
Discovered byUEE Starman on shore-leave
Jump Points3
Space Stations1

The Osiris system is a small system featuring only two planets: the inhabited Etos (Osiris I) and an outer gas giant that has become ideal for refueling. Etos has not been settled by humanity and remains largely uncontested by the galaxy's other races. Scientists believe that Etos is capable of eventually being terraformed.

Etos is located on the edge of the habitable zone very close to Osiris' star. Life on Etos is primarily nocturnal, with the Etosian equivalent of higher primates just starting to appear. More advanced life on Etos has evolved an interesting adaptation, a thick rubber-like skin that protects it from the star's damaging radiation. Other life forms have evolved to avoid the sun altogether, living in complete darkness in the planet's extensive network of underground caves.

Although Etos is technically protected by UEE mandate, little is done to guard the planet from poachers or other criminals who wish to use it as a base.[1]

Osiris was one of the first systems protected under the Fair Chance Act. Discovered shortly before the Massacre of Garron II, the system wasn't properly explored until after the Messer Regime fell. When native life was found on Etos (Osiris I) the FCA was swiftly put to use. While the system's inner reaches are off limits, an observation station exist near Osiris I.

Gravitational governors


Osiris is a Main Sequence Dwarf-K star.


Etos : Osiris I

Protected by the Fair Chance Act, this terrestrial planet sits on the inner edge of the green band and is so close to the star that its native species have evolved to avoid the harsh sun.

Osiris II

A gas giant with naturally pure hydrogen.

Asteroid belts

Osiris Belt Alpha

A dense asteroid belt that lacks sufficient deposits of heavy and rare metals to be of interest to the major mining consortiums.

Space stations

OB Kobold

Charged with monitoring and protecting Osiris I from intervention, OB Kobold is staffed by a mixture of scientists and military personnel.

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Osiris - Kyuk'ya Large Kyuk'ya system
Osiris - Goss Large Goss system
Osiris - Baker Large Baker system



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