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Shield-gen- 0011 shimmer.jpg
Manufacturer Ascension ASTRO
Type Shield Generator
Size 1
Grade C
Class Stealth
Performance 80
Signals 95
Efficiency 105
UEC Price 4750
Locations Levski
Port Olisar
Ascension Astro is known for one thing — quality, stealth components. Their Shimmer shield generator was built not only to help avoid detection, but also provide protection when needed most.

The Shimmer Shield Generator comes as standard on the Aegis Avenger Stalker and Warlock as well as the Sabre and F8 Lightning, the Drake Herald, Origin 315p, Anvil F7C-S Hornet Ghost, Esperia Prowler. AopoA Khartu-al and the MISC Reliant Mako.