Ship Showdown

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Ship Showdown
Event typeIn-game
SubtypeShip Popularity Contest
OccurrenceYearly in September

The Ship Showdown is an annual popularity contest in which Star Citizen players may vote for their favorite ship.

Players can upload creative art and upvote their favorite vehicles in the Community Hub. The top 16 vehicles will be selected and pitted against each other. Upon completion, special sales and vehicle liveries are made available for the top four vehicles. These vehicles will then be displayed at the "Best in Show" showfloor during the last few days of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo

Past winners

Year Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place
2953[1] DRAK Corsair DRAK Vulture AEGS Redeemer ORIG 600i Explorer
2952[2] ANVL Carrack CRUS Mercury Star Runner ANVL C8X Pisces Expedition RSI Scorpius
2951[3] ARGO MPUV-1C CRUS Mercury Star Runner CRUS C2 Hercules Starlifter ORIG 600i Explorer
2950[4] ANVL Carrack ANVL Valkyrie DRAK Cutlass Black AEGS Eclipse
2949[5] DRAK Caterpillar AEGS Reclaimer DRAK Cutlass Black ANVL Hammerhead


The unexpected but worthy winner in 2951, on display at the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo

Originally, the 2951 contest entry for the ARGO MPUV-1C was made more in jest than with any serious intention of it winning the showdown. However, an overwhelming fanbase as well as a rising Empire-wide appreciation for the MPUV's utility[6] quickly saw it rising through the rounds and beating the MISC Freelancer, Anvil Carrack, and then the C2 Hercules in the semi-finals before triumphing over the Star Runner in the finals.


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