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Star Citizen:Application programming interface

API usage on the Star Citizen Wiki

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are what developers, fansite operators, and bots use to retrieve information about the game and the wiki.

Mediawiki Action API

The Star Citizen Wiki provides an action API that can be accessed here. Additional documentation is available on the Mediawiki Action API page. Some features are limited to logged in users, administrators, and bureaucrats. The API Sandbox special page may be useful for users new to creating requests.

Below are a few useful modules under the query action:

Module Use
prefixsearch Take user input and return the best-matching titles. Should be used with generator.
description Returns a short description of the given pages.
pageimages Returns information about images on the page, such as thumbnail and presence of photos.
extracts Returns plain-text or limited HTML extracts of the given pages.

Note: A portion of the text above is originated from the RuneScape Wiki under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.