Character in Star Citizen
Nyahuoaōng T.yi
Race Xi'an
Gender Male
Born 2793 (after)
Faction UEE
Current Employment
Occupation Interspecies consultant, translator and advisor

Nyahouaōng T.yi (* after 2793 in Bahja, Oya III, Oya system)[1][2] is a interspecies consultant and United Empire of Earth resident of Xi'an origin. He was nominated in 2951 by Imperator Laylani Addison for the position of Ambassador to the Xi'an Empire, but was rejected by Congress.[1]


Early Life

T.yi was born to a Xi'an House based in Brahja, Oya III[1] a former Perry Line system with a Xi'an exclave, and which is also the hometown of Laylani Addison.[3] His house was in the business of translation and intercultural business dealings, and ensured that contracts brokered between Xi'an and Human entities would be both legally compatible with both nations, and culturally appropriate for both parties.[1]

As a young adult, T.yi undertook his 30 year service period to the Xi'an Empire, and then achieved a dual honors degree in Business Administration and Interspecies Law at the University of Rhetor. After this he spent two decades working diligently for his House back on Oya III, until the Xi'an imperial bureaucracy declared that another House would be granted a monopoly on translation services. T.yi's house was thus forced to return to the Xi'an Empire to seek new business opportunities.[1]

Life as a Nyahuoaōng

T.yi, however, remained in the UEE, electing to become a Nyahuoaōng - a Xi'an who chooses to disinherit themselves from their House in order to pursue an independent life. As an independent consultant he worked to facilitate interspecies trade in Oya , and later Kyuk'ya. He was instrumental in brokering the deal between MISC and Aopoa, and has acted as a consultant to over 50 human businesses.[1]

Later, he would act as an advisor to United Empire of Earth negotiators for the Human-Xi'an Trade Initiative, working alongside Ambassador Jennica Awasthi. Laylani Addison would later nominate T.yi to replace Awasthi, with Senators Mira Ngo and Edward Aemile speaking in favour of the nomination, but the UEE Senate joined Senator Peter B. Hartwell in rejecting the proposal.[1]


T.yi's career as a business consultant for companies seeking to collaborate with businesses of another nation mirrors the career of CIG's xenolinguist Britton Watkins, who spent much of his career performing this role for American and Japanese businesses.


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