Alexandria Dougan

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Alexandria Dougan
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2919 - 2923 (between)
Faction Outlaw
Workplace Belligerent Duck

Alexandria "Alex" Dougan, Advocacy file #TS1_65323_089, is one of the Empire's most wanted. Described by the Advocacy as female, Human, medium height, and sleight build, brunette hair. She is thought to be in her late twenties. A savant pilot and incorrigible scofflaw. Known associate of the Banu hacker Mas Houlan. The two outlaws are known to operate a Crusader Industries Mercury, the "Belligerent Duck".

Dougan and Houlan are wanted across various systems for crimes including illegal data running, interstellar smuggling of contraband, possession and transportation of banned substances, transport and sale of stolen data, resisting arrest, espionage, digital larceny, assault and battery of law enforcement, impersonating an Advocacy officer, illegal transport of a protected species, insurance fraud, drunk and disorderly, and public indecency. They are even suspected of smuggling contraband in and out of QuarterDeck.[1]

Breaking News


"Dougan and Houlan have reportedly robbed a laboratory facility on Terra owned by well-known weapons manufacturer Behring Applied Technology. They are presumed to be somewhere within Terra, or a connecting system. They should be considered dangerous and should not be engaged under any circumstances."

Advocacy Alert

Alexandria Dougan has garnered 28 warrants across 9 systems.[1] The target of the robbery was data pertaining to Project Stargazer, under hire by "Mr Grouse". The first meeting took place at a cafe on the outskirts of Prime. Grouse had likely undergone facial reconfiguration. Under instruction to retrieve and delete, Dougan decided to keep copies instead as insurance. During the robbery, Dougan made use of a single-use stun-glove obtained from Klanger on Spider to take down Behring security guard Duane. She then used her Pyro RYT Multi-Tool to cauterize the wound that Houlan made to extract Duane's deadswitch allarm. During the hack itself, an alarm was tripped, bringing turrets online covering the only route of escape. Dougan threw a Joker Engineering Insta-Friends decoy to expend the turrets' ammunition, but the ammo lasted to take it out. She used her Pyro to solder a nearby battery onto her other Insta-Friends decoy to extend its duration and deployed that too, managing to drain the turrets. The two left the premises just as armed guards entered. They used their ship, the Belligerent Duck to escape from a private hangar in the Behring complex. A Behring Security Sabre pursued, hailing with the threat of shooting down the Duck. Dougan is able to distract the Sabre with missiles forcing them to fire flares, buying Houlan enough time to use distortion cannons to disrupt the Sabre's power supply. Maxing out the thrusters for all they were worth, Dougan sped the Duck away from Behring’s headquarters. However, rather than angling up to leave the planet, she angled the ship towards the nearby mountainous island range. There, she lowered the ship down into a small alcove cut into the beach beneath a rocky outcropping. Diverting power from the Mercury’s shields and thrusters, Houlan booted up their reg-spoof so that they would be able to fly around incognito. Having to scrap the rendezvous with Grouse, they contacted allies via mobiGlas and prepared to go on the run from the Advocacy, heading for Banu space.[2]


"ALERT! The Crusader Mercury designated: Belligerent Duck was reportedly spotted leaving the planet Terra. Planetside infoagents put the ship en route to Hadrian."

UEEA Good Citizen TipLine[3]


"Thanks in part to your assistance, interceptors engaged the culprits and cut off their route to the Hadrian jump point. Unfortunately the Mercury escaped."

–UEEA Good Citizen TipLine[3]


"ALERT! The Crusader Mercury designated: Belligerent Duck has been identified by Citizens at Port Olisar, near Crusader in the Stanton System. It is thought to have left the station within the last two hours."

–UEEA Good Citizen TipLine[3]