Avenger Trainer

Small combat ship manufactured by Aegis
Quick facts:
Avenger Trainer
Avenger Trainer cockpit.jpg
Active for Squadron 42
Avenger Trainer
1 – 2
Not available for sale
18 m0.018 km <br />1,800 cm <br />
14 m0.014 km <br />1,400 cm <br />
5.5 m0.0055 km <br />550 cm <br />

The Aegis N6G Avenger Trainer is the standard trainer fighter of the UEE Navy.[1]



  • Avenger Titan: The light cargo variant of the Avenger. It trades the prisoner holding cells of the Avenger Stalker for increased cargo capacity.
  • Avenger Warlock: The EMP warfare variant. It sacrifices all of its cargo space for an EMP generator in its trunk which can be used to shut down ship shields and components in a large area.

Special editions

  • Avenger Titan Renegade: A dogfighting variant of the Titan as part of the Masters of Flight series, the Renegade pays tribute to famed pilot Danny Solomon for his notable work with the Advocacy to bring justice to Bremen. This Avenger Titan comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting focused loadout and a custom special edition livery honoring this iconic ship.[2]


In the 28th Century, the N6G Avenger was the premier front-line carrier fighter of UEE Navy. Avengers racked up a number of impressive space-to-space victories in that era but were ultimately supplanted by more maneuverable designs like the Hornet. With space combat focusing more on skilled maneuvering than pure weapons storage, the Avenger fell out of active duty with the military and was repurposed as the standard ship for Advocacy and local law enforcement. Currently, the military will still use Avengers as trainers; the two-seat variant is a forgiving first spacecraft for new pilots.[3]


  • Any UEE Navy pilot serving today likely spent at least 300 hours qualifying In an Avenger before moving on to their combat assignment.[1]
  • Avengers will also serve as the initial training ship in Squadron 42's single player campaign.[1]
  • As more coreward Advocacy offices begin the transition to the police variant of the M50 interceptor, used Avengers have flooded the market. Criminal elements have begun to adopt these Avengers for their own needs, finding that their larger-than-average cargo hold and engines make an ideal bootlegging spacecraft.[1]


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