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The P5G Gladius is a light fighter produced by Aegis. Its first design was introduced in 2579 as a replacement for the Stiletto and has been updated over the years to keep up with modern technology.[1] In military circles, the Gladius is beloved for its performance and its simplicity. A fast, light fighter with a laser-focus on dogfighting, the Gladius is an ideal interceptor or escort ship.[2]


The Gladius has a reliable design that spans centuries, beloved particularly for its performance and its simplicity.
For a light fighter, it has an impressive set of three Size 3 guns and missile racks under the wings that can hold a pair of Size 3 and four size 2 missiles.
The Gladius’ chief weapons are its speed, maneuverability and its countermeasure deployment system.
Even though the Gladius is a light fighter, it has the capability to stow up to 250K μSCU of items via an external storage unit as well as having dedicated gun racks.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
Gladius in space - Isometric.jpg
Gladius in space - Above.jpg
Gladius in space - Port.jpg
Gladius in space - Front.jpg
Gladius in space - Rear.jpg
Gladius in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
Gladius in SelfLand - Isometric.jpg
Gladius in SelfLand - Above.jpg
Gladius in SelfLand - Port.jpg
Gladius in SelfLand - Front.jpg
Gladius in SelfLand - Rear.jpg

Special edition

Gladius "Valiant"

Gladius Valiant in space - Isometric.jpg
Created as part of the Masters of Flight series in conjunction with the flight-sim Arena Commander, it pays tribute to famed defense pilot Condi Hillard for being the first Human on record to defeat a Vanduul in combat.[3]

Gladius "Pirate"

Gladius Pirate in space - Isometric.jpg
With a red and black pirate livery, it's only available when defeating "Pirate Swarm" in Arena Commander.[4]


"Foundation Festival" "Frostbite" "Invictus Blue & Gold" "Solar Winds" "Timberline"
Gladius FF in space - Isometric.jpg
Gladius Frostbite in space - Isometric.jpg
Gladius Invictus BG in space - Isometric.jpg
Gladius SolarWinds in space - Isometric.jpg
Gladius Timberline in space - Isometric.jpg


Pledge price history

Date Pledge cost (USD) Insurance Availability Sale
2020-05-26 90 120 months Time-limited Invictus 2950 [5]


In 2944, with some Gladius squadrons converting to the wider deployment of the F7A Hornet and the introduction of the F8 Lightning to elite units, the Navy has begun to auction older Gladius to planetary governments and qualified mercenaries. The spacecraft available to civilians are retired military models, with the same specifications and upgrade potential. Classified weapons technologies have been removed from the spaceframes, but they can be outfitted with a variety of civilian-grade weapons. The decommissioning process has also made room for civilian standard upgrades such as jump drives.[8]



The Gladius was designed by Gavin Rothery (Freelance Conceptist)[9] and directed by Paul Jones. Other contributors include Foundry 42's Bjorn Seinstra (Lead Vehicle Artist), Phill Meller (Lead Designer), Neil McKnight (Senior 3D Artist), along with Chris Roberts.[10]

In July 2017, the Gladius received a cockpit rework to accompany the new item 2.0 system. The center monitor is removed to provide better visibility for the front turret. The side monitors are enlarged to show additional information. The cockpit reworked is deployed in Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.0.[11]

In April 2021, the gold standard Gladius is released to the Persistent Universe in Alpha 3.13.0. That includes many level of detail, decal, geometry, material, and paint changes inside the cockpit and on the exterior of the ship. Noticeably, the update implements the exterior access points to the physicalized components, as well as personal locker, fuel port access, and numerous maintenance panels.[12][13]

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