Ophos system

Single star system with 1 planets.
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Ophos system
Ophos system
Single Star
? AU
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Discovered in
2438 (after)

The Ophos system may be fictitious, seeing as it made its debut in the in-lore novel A Human Perspective[1] and does not show on the Starmap. However it also shows up on the ArcCorp Jobwell trade terminals alongside Krell, another alien system that is not on the Starmap, the difference being that Krell is definitively canonical.

Regardless, all known information about the system is from the episodic novel A Human Perspective and therefore could be partly or entirely fabricated.

Ophos is "five systems less one" away from Bacchus. If this is Banu syntax for four systems, then Ophos would likely be located deep in Banu territory, in the "south" of the Starmap.



Shyewhea is a blue-green agricultural ('ag') world, flat farmland as far as the eye can see, field upon field, livestock yard upon livestock yard, hatchery upon hatchery, all gridded off with mag-lev rail lines. The farming yields food for nearby Banu industrial worlds. Shyewhea has a thin atmosphere, requiring inhabitants to wear a simple breathing device when out on the planet's surface, reducing but not eliminating the planet's bad odor.[1]

Shyewhea is home to the Hwasheen, "a sort of a shaggy badger with fuzzy antennae. Big ears and big eyes." Approximately 30 kilos and "about the size of a large dog." They are herded in the thousands across hundreds of hectares by Banu riding bikes and grav-bikes. The wranglers dress like cowboys.

The Hwasheen are not particularly friendly, and they don't bond or play well. Their feed consumption is higher than that of cows, and their water consumption is a lot higher. Their blood chemistry is not dissimilar from several other livestock animals, like the Brundeen and the Gisbut.

There is a location on the planet called Welshwar Ridge.

Shyewhea has an orbital station and two moons.


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