Star Citizen Wiki HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station

HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station

Rest Stop in the Stanton system
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HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station
Type Space station
Classification Rest Stop
System Stanton
Orbits Hurston
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Owner Rest & Relax
Shops Administration Office
Casaba Outlet
Juice Bar
Live Fire Weapons
Pizza Shop
Platinum Bay
Ship Weapons

HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station is a Rest & Relax owned Rest Stop located in Hurston's L4 Lagrangian point.

In-game description

Located at the L4 Lagrange point of Hurston (Stanton I), Rest & Relax's Melodic Fields Station offers a wide variety of shops and services for the weary traveler including: Refueling, Restocking, Ship Components, Ship Weapons, Personal Weapons, Clothing, Food, and Habs.


Last updated: October 21, 2019; 22 months ago (2019-10-21)
Commodity Buy Sell
Altruciatoxin 11.97
Aluminum 1.24
Distilled Spirits 5.05
Hydrogen 1.03
Medical Supplies 18.1
Processed Food 1.37
Scrap 1.55
Stims 3.45
Waste 0.005


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