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Outlaw station Trading hub Housing exchanges in the Stanton system
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Type Asteroid base
Classification Outlaw station

Trading hub

Housing exchanges
System Stanton
Orbits Yela
Habitable Yes
Affiliation Outlaw
Owner Outlaw
Constructed Everline Structures Incorporated ~2903
Shops Dumper's Depot
Green Imperial Medical
KC Trending
Old '38

GrimHEX (originally named Green Imperial Housing Exchange) is a former Housing Exchange, hidden deep in the Yela asteroid belt.


Originally built to house workers, it has now fallen under the control of criminals. It was added in during the Star Citizen Alpha 2.5.0 patch and until 3.0 GrimHEX was used as the default Outlaw spawn location.[1] After the release of 3.0 anyone that logs out in the station will respawn there at log in.


Like all Housing Exchanges, GrimHEX is built into a hollowed asteroid soon after the system's discovery by Everline Structures Incorporated. It was constructed for mining purposes, but was later abandoned and is now poorly maintained. It's former clientele changed and so did the station. The Housing Exchange closed officially in 2938 but is still operated by its new inhabitants: outlaws, criminals, pirates, and lowlifes.

Half of the station's corridors are now unpressurized and lack gravity. The station is currently controlled by outlaws, and it is believed to be used as a base of operations by pirates, although the inhabitants of GrimHEX deny this. In addition to standard landing pads, the asteroid station also contains hangars. Due to its vertical nature, elevators are used to traverse the base. It has a racing course, as well.[2]

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Last updated: October 22, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-10-22)
Commodity Buy Sell
Altruciatoxin 50.85
Aluminium 1.26
Agricium 25.60
Astatine 9.00
Beryl 4.27
Chlorine 1.56
Corundum 2.54
Diamond 6.90
Distilled Spirits 4.95
E'tam 102.61
Fluorine 2.80
Gold 6.07
Hydrogen 1.02
Iodine 0.45
Laranite 28.55
Medical Supplies 17.77
Neon 85.43
Processed Food 1.38
Quartz 1.48
Scrap 1.41 1.67
SLAM 120.00
Stims 3.40
Titanium 3.89
Tungsten 3.89
Waste 0.01 0.01
WiDoW 101.01 125.06


In Alpha 2.5.0, GrimHEX was introduced as a spawn point for outlaws. Outlaws could Quantum Travel to GrimHEX, but couldn't get to Port Olisar. While GrimHEX was not available as a QT location for non-outlaws, they could still reach GrimHEX in other ways. After 3.0 anyone can QT to GrimHEX. GrimHEX orbits Yela. Anyone that logs out in the station will spawn in its habitation area, GrimHEX sells many goodies with good prices as minerals that can be sold at Port Olisar.

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