Kiel system

Single star system with 6 planets.
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Kiel system
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Single Star
28.49 AU
Star type
F-type main sequence
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The Kiel system is a border system (former Perry Line system) to the Xi'an territory. It was discovered by a merchant marine ship under the command of Adhama Schnauss in 2514. It was named after a friend of the captain of this merchant ship. Schnauss hoped the gesture would motivate his friend to finally venture into the stars to see the system that bore his name.[1]


After the discovery of the Baker and Horus System, 30 years later the UPE halted private sector building and transformed it into a military hub.[1]

Kiel's primary use was the serve as a staging area for military forces during the cold war. Out of the system's six planets only Severus (Kiel III) was terraformed to act as the military's center of operations.

It was also massively fortified and the Messer Regime pumped a lot of money into the system.[1]

Since tensions with the Xi'an have diminished and the military presence has completely retracted, Kiel has struggled in the following years to redefine itself as a non-military system. The system had no significant population and an ageing infrastructure. Joona Tzur (elected Governor in 2903) used Severus location advantage. The planetary infrastructure with his abandoned military facilities and hangars. He successfully attracted space industry companies to the planet and invested in leisure infrastructure. Tzur also convinced the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo to host the event which boosted the tourism sector. The Senate recognized Severus in 2937. His first senator is Janna Thurville, daughter of Joona Tzur.[2]

Gravitational governors


Kiel is a F-type main sequence star.


Kiel I

A small mesoplanet in a tidally-locked orbit around the star.

Kiel II

A vacant rocky planet with a thin atmosphere. Even though it's unsuitable for terraforming, the UEE has prohibited corporations from mining the planet.

Severus : Kiel III

A terraformed terrestrial planet that served as the hub of operations for the system, though the planet's military status was downgraded when tensions were eased after the Messer Era. Severus had difficulty attracting settlers and businesses to this formerly fortified system, but has been enjoying a recent population boom thanks to the recent Imperial recognition. Eri City hosted the 2946 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo.

Kiel IV

This strikingly blue subgiant has an incredibly fast rotation, taking only 16 SEH to make a rotation.

Kiel V

A large gas giant composed mostly of hydrogen and helium, surrounded by planetary rings.

Kiel VI

This tiny protoplanet has an incredibly long orbital period around the star.

Asteroid belts

The Kiel system contains one asteroid belt. Belt Alpha is located between the orbits of Severus and Kiel IV

Known jump points

Jump gate Direction Size Destination
Kiel - Baker Bidirectional Large Baker - Kiel, in Baker system
Kiel - Hadrian Bidirectional Large Hadrian - Kiel, in Hadrian system
Kiel - Horus Bidirectional Large Horus - Kiel, in Horus system


  • Kiel is a hanseatic german city. There is another System named after a hanseatic city, Bremen.


Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy



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