Odyssey Flight Suit

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Odyssey Flight Suit store.png
Odyssey Flight Suit
Manufacturer Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
Class Class II
Gender Male
UEC Cost 300 - 7375
EVA Capable Yes
Oxygen 4 Hours ($9m Stretch Goal)

The RSI Odyssey Flight Suit is a Class II space suit. It provides lightweight protection against vacuum and light environmental hazards while also featuring anatomical stretch paneling to ensure the perfect fit.


In Alpha 2.6, the player will start with an Odyssey Flight Suit in the olive skin. Various other skins may be purchased.

Flight Suit Cost in UEC Area 18? Port Olisar? GrimHEX?
Olive Free Yes No No
Navy 3000 Yes Yes Yes
White 3000 Yes Yes No
Cyan/White/Orange 4700 Yes Yes No
Green 4700 Yes No No
Blue/White/Orange 4700 Yes Yes No
Black w/Gold Helmet 7375 Yes Yes No
Black w/Gold Trim 7375 Yes Yes No
Red w/Gold Trim 7375 Yes Yes No