Odyssey Flight Suit

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Odyssey Flight Suit.png
Odyssey Flight Suit
Manufacturer Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
Type Undersuit
UEC Cost 1000
Armor None
Oxygen 4 Hours ($9m Stretch Goal)

The RSI 'Odyssey Flight Suit is a space-worthy Undersuit. It provides lightweight protection against vacuum and light environmental hazards while also featuring anatomical stretch paneling to ensure the perfect fit.

Odyssey Flight Suit is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

Shop Price Color
Cordry's, Levski 1000 Aqua, Desert, Multi, Woodland
Garrity Defense, Port Olisar 1000 Aqua, Exec, Mono, Multi, Night, Sunset


Odyssey Flight Suit Desert.pngOdyssey Flight Suit Multi.pngOdyssey Flight Suit Woodland.pngx120pxx120pxx120pxx120px


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