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Apollo Triage

Medium ship manufactured by Roberts Space Industries
Apollos InFlight Concept.jpg
Apollo Triage
ManufacturerRoberts Space Industries (RSI)
RoleSupport - Medical
Crew1 – 2
Cargo capacity28 SCU
Production state
  • In concept
Loaner vehicleCutlass Red
AvailabilityTime-limited sales
Length43 m
Beam30 m
Height10 m
Combat speed205 m/s
Mass376,500 kg
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The RSI Apollo Triage is a medical ship. It is the gold standard in medivac and rapid emergency response, having provided critical aid to the known universe for over two centuries. When one thinks of first-class medical rescue, one thinks of the RSI Apollo [1]


  • Comfortable and fast patient transport: The Apollo is designed to get in and out with the speed and efficiency required for rescue, medevac, and mixed emergency applications. With RSI's top-rated VTOL thrusters, dual shield generators, and patented ShockBalance system, the Apollo offers the smoothest ride in the universe. Your crew is free to practice with confidence and focus on what they do best.
  • Modular med bays: The innovative modular layout of the Apollo's medical bays permits maximum efficiency and tailored levels of medical support to suit all levels of projected severity, while also supporting a more balanced configuration for patrol and general emergency response.
  • Shepherd Medilift Drones:Each Apollo comes equipped with two MediLift semi-automated emergency extraction pods, each capable of lifting up to 500 lbs quickly and securely from ground to ship. Each drone is outfitted with Payload Preservation Armor, AutoGyro Stabilization, and ShockBalance absorption technology to maximize patient safety and comfort throughout extraction.


  • Apollo Medivac: With a unique livery paying homage to the classic 2910 Astromedics film, the Medivac variant comes with superior armor and dual missile racks.



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