Odyssey II Undersuit

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Odyssey II Undersuit.png
Odyssey II Undersuit
Manufacturer Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
Type Undersuit
UEC Cost 1000
Armor None

The latest generation of RSI's classic Odyssey undersuit features a new rugged design capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions in space or planetside. Built using the latest microweave technology, the Odyssey II undersuit provides hours of comfort in locations that are anything but comfortable.

RS1 Odysey Spacesuits appear to be a rip-off version of this product, and are Prohibited Goods within Crusader Industries Jurisdiction.

As of Alpha 3.3.7, this is part of the player's default loadout, in the "Alpha" color scheme.

Odyssey II Undersuit is sold at the following locations as of Alpha 3.3.7:

Shop Price Color
Cordry's, Levski 000 Duo, Multi, Sunset, Woodland
Garrity Defense, Port Olisar 1000 Alpha, Exec, Imperial, Medallion, Mono
Skutters, GrimHEX 1000 Exec, Mono, Sunset, Woodland
Tanmany and Sons, Lorville 1000 Alpha, Imperial Woodland

Armor Set Helmet Core Arms Legs Undersuit


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