Siege of Orison

Combat mission from Rowena Dulli
End Nine Tails' Occupation at Orison
Priority General
Type Combat
UEC Pay Up to 380000 + Bonuses
Start Location Crusader AO
Mission Giver Rowena Dulli
Requirements Siege of Orison dynamic event
Faction Civilian Defense Force
Difficulty Tiered

The Siege of Orison (mission name "End Nine Tails' Occupation at Orison") is a dynamic event debuting in Alpha 3.17.2 in which players join the Civilian Defense Force on foot to aid Crusader Security with clearing the various districts of Inspiration Park on the outskirts of Orison from occupying Nine Tails forces under the command of Mendo Ren. The area is protected by IFFIs and only by bringing these offline can allied ships join the fray.

Mission Brief

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Attention, Nine Tails forces have seized control of several commercial platforms near Orison. Using an Identify Friend or Foe Inverter (IFFI), they have taken over the restricted air space surrounding the platforms and only Nine Tails affiliated ships can gain access to the area. This has severely hampered Crusader Security's initial attempts at retaking the platforms. As such, Crusader has requested that CDF forces assist in shutting down the inverter and eliminating all hostile presence. Any available CDF volunteers are encouraged to provide support.

Additional Intel:

  • While the inverter is active and the airspace inaccessible, CDF has managed to gain control of a local shuttle system and route it to access Solanki Platform without the Nine Tails knowledge. Volunteers will need to head to the Crusader Industries Showroom on the Commercial Platform and get to the rooftop to find the shuttle that will travel to the occupied platforms.
  • The IFFI is believed to be located in a locked storage container on a cargo barge docked at the central Admin Center.
  • Access codes for the IFFI container are in the possession of the leader of the Nine Tails forces, Mendo Ren.
  • Past experience with Mendo Ren indicates that he is unlikely to show his face and risk capture. However, if all his lieutenants are neutralized, we believe he will have no choice but to take command of the forces in person and provide us the opportunity to retrieve the codes from him.
  • In addition to the shuttle system, Crusader Security has informed us that there are several vehicles on the platforms available for CDF to commandeer. These vehicles will be the only way of reaching the Admin Center. NOTE- If all of the vehicles within the restricted air space are destroyed before the inverter can be shut down, then there will be no way of reaching the cargo barge and the CDF will be forced to retreat.
  • The platforms are protected by Nine Tails controlled Anti-Air weapons.

Please be aware that SAIC Rowena Dulli from the Advocacy is the official attaché to the CDF and will be running the operation.


Gameplay Overview

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Walkthrough of mission:

1. Reaching the combat area

To reach the mission area, players must go to the Cloudview Center in Orison. From there, head to the Crusader Industries Showroom, located on the same "island" as Greencircle and take the elevator to the rooftop. Once there, turn right and you'll find a small medical forward operating area that has been set up by Crusader Security along with a frequent shuttle service to Inspiration Park. Your objective on the following platforms in steps 2-4 will be to take out each platform's Nine Tails Lieutenant and commandeer ships from rooftop pads. These do not respawn during the event, so the distance you need to travel to find one may vary.

NOTE - As soon as you board you will locked into a trip out of Orison's Armistice Zone, so prepare accordingly. There is ECN coverage however, so any PVP will count as criminal activity.

NOTE - All platforms have AA defenses. If all of the commandeer-able ships are destroyed, the mission will not be completable:

2. Solanki Platform

Solanki Platform presents a fairly easy short-medium range FPS challenge and doesn't give the player much to think about navigationally. There is plenty of cover in the form of barricades, cargo containers and overturned vehicles. The initial direct route sees the player travel in a straight line up a slight hill towards a tower building. Using the elevator to reach the upper level, the player can then turn 90 degrees to the right and continue onwards across an area of slightly sparser cover towards a crashed Cutlass Black. Near the crash site on the right are steps down to reach the next shuttle, which will take the player to Brushwood Platform.

NOTE - Players that have already reached Hartmoore Platform can send a shuttle to Solanki that can be accessed near the beginning of the platform, on the right.

3. Brushwood Platform

Brushwood Platform ramps up the difficulty both in terms of gunplay and navigation. Engagement ranges on this platform are much larger, suiting some of the game's rarer weapons like sniper rifles and LMGs. This platform also gives limited access to PTVs that can be used for quick traversal, handy considering the size of the location. The direct route sees the player travel in a clockwise horseshoe shape - first descending from a rooftop to an upper level with lots of vegetation, rocks and an elevated dining location. From the other end of the upper level, take the elevator down to the lower level. This section requires crossing two bridges to reach two other islands. While there is some cover on the islands themselves, the bridges are shooting galleries that may be best tackled with the use of sniper cover from a tower or the upper level. On the far side of the third island you will find the next shuttle, which will take the player to Hartmoore Platform.

4. Hartmoore Platform

Hartmoore Platform adds even further to the difficulty by opening up the engagement ranges entirely, making heavy use of PTV buggies across a golf course spanning multiple islands, with essentially no cover at all. A shortcut shuttle between Solanki and Hartmoore can be unlocked by visiting the other shuttle stop visible on maps of Hartmoore. You can either send it back on its own or travel back with it.

5. Admin Center

The ultimate goal of the event is to reach the Admin Center, the circular Magna-class platform that can be seen in the skies when venturing between the preceding platforms. This is no easy feat though, as it is heavily defended by Anti Air batteries, able to easily take out an unsuspecting Pisces. There are also Nine Tails fighters and a Hammerhead that patrol the area. It's not a good idea to take on this platform until at least one rooftop Hercules has been unlocked, which can use its tanky shields to hot-drop troops on the deck. Those troops can then get to work taking out the air defenses. Once a critical mass of players have made it onto the Admin Center, they must fight their way to a docked Atlas-Class Cargo Ferry which is host to some traversal challenges and a final showdown against Mendo Ren. If players haven't taken out the Lieutenants on each platform, Ren will not appear.




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