MK-4 Frag Grenade

Grenade manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
Mk4 Grenade - x2 flat.jpg
MK-4 Frag Grenade
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
Base price77 aUEC
Mass0.4 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 2.6
Damage typeFrag
Effective range20 m

The MK-4 Frag Grenade is an anti-personnel fragmentation grenade manufactured by Behring Applied Technology. It has an area of effect of 20 meters. It is a continuation of the iconic hand grenade first produced by Behring in 2894.[1]


Damage drop none
Max range 20 m
Area of Effect 7 m radius
Type Damage
Alpha at Point of Impact 14

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.11.1.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
Port Olisar Live Fire Weapons 80
GrimHex Skutters 80
Levski Conscientious Objects 87
Area18 Cubby Blast 84
CenterMass 84
New Babbage CenterMass 84
Lorville Tammany and Sons 80
R&R CRU-L1 Live Fire Weapons 80
R&R CRU-L4 Live Fire Weapons 77
R&R CRU-L5 Live Fire Weapons 86
R&R HUR-L1 Live Fire Weapons 85
R&R HUR-L3 Live Fire Weapons 80
R&R HUR-L4 Live Fire Weapons 87
R&R HUR-L5 Live Fire Weapons 81
R&R ARC-L1 Live Fire Weapons 82
R&R MIC-L1 Live Fire Weapons 83


The MK-4 Frag Grenade is introduced in Alpha 2.6.[2]



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