AVS-E Core

Item manufactured by UEEN
Quick facts:
AVS-E Core

The AVS-E Core is a torso armor manufactured by United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) and used by the combat pilots in the UEEN. This armor piece is only available in Squadron 42 and sadly not in the Persistent Universe for now.[1]

In-game description

The AVS-E is a unique armor set designed to integrate seamlessly with the OMNI-CFS series of flight suits. The AVS features component armor plating, strategically placed to protect vital areas, but also integrates numerous pouches to keep you equipped in the field.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Arms Legs
AVS-E OMNI-CFS Diamond Undersuit APOS Helmet AVS-E Core AVS-E Arms AVS-E Legs


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