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System Summary
System Type Single Star
Size 14 AU
Star Type Main Sequence Dwarf-A
Asteroid Belts 3
Affiliation Banu
Planets 6
Jump Points 1
Space Stations 1

Resource-rich planets and asteroid belts make this system a major shipping hub for the Banu, with a Flotilla near Gliese IV serving as the focal point of the system. Gliese IV itself remains a mystery as most Banu refuse to set foot on the planet even though there are empty Banu settlements on the surface.


Gliese I

A planet comprised mostly of superheated ferromagnetic iron.

Gliese II

A smog planet with a retrograde rotation compared to the rest of the system.

Gliese III

A terrestrial, rocky world without an atmosphere. It is dotted by installations mining its valuable resources.

Gliese IV

A beautiful world that the Banu terraformed then decided not to inhabit. Colonies of Human expatiates have sprung up on the planet and found the soil to be quite fertile. Human residents have reported no issues, leaving many to wonder why the Banu refuse to live there.

Gliese V

A gas giant that was too warm to form ammonia clouds and instead has clouds of water vapor. A major collection point for Terragra and their line of Banu bottled water.

Gliese VI

A barren protoplanet in a distant orbit.

Asteroid Belts

Belt Alpha

Located between the orbits of Gliese II and Gliese III.

Belt Beta

Located between the orbits of Gliese IV and Gliese V.

Cluster Gamma

A sparse asteroid cluster still actively being mined. Located on the same orbit as Gliese V.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Gliese - Geddon Large Geddon