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Armor set manufactured by Doomsday
Overlord Supernova.jpg
TypeArmor set
ClassificationHeavy Armor
ManufacturerDoomsday (DOOM)
Inventory20,000 SP
WeaponS4, S3, S1
Utility item2x S1
Environment protection
Temperature-70 / 100 °C
Damage resistance

Doomsday's Overlord Suit is an armor set modeled resembling the Overlords outlaw group.

Product description

Some consider the Overlords heroes and other criminals. Doomsday doesn't care either way. All we know is that the vigilante group that made a name for itself targeting outlaws in Pyro has some kickass, distinct, and resilient armor. Since we respect the rule of law as much as they do, we made a limited run of armor inspired by them. If they have a problem with it, they can come find us.

The Overlord armor lets your foes know that you mean business. This heavy armor set is constructed with durable composite plating strategically placed to disperse the force of impacts and a high, reinforced collar that provides additional protection for your neck and back of head. The suit also layers in high-strength synthetic fabrics around the joints to ensure ease of moment without sacrificing safety. The Overlord is available in several distinct colors worn by members of the (in)famous faction. Maybe just don't wear one while in Pyro unless you're looking for trouble. Don't say we didn't warn you! [1]

Armor components

Name Undersuit Core Helmet Arms Legs
Overlord - Overlord Core Overlord Helmet Overlord Arms Overlord Legs


Overlord DustStorm.jpg
Overlord "Dust Storm" Armor Set was given to Centurion and Imperator Subscribers. This set includes the torso, arms, and legs designed to match the terrestrial ground tones of the legendary vigilante Overlord, "Dust Storm."

Overlord Riptide.jpg
Overlord "Riptide" Armor Set was given to only Imperator Subscribers. This set includes the torso, arms, and legs designed to match the aquatic-marine look of the notorious vigilante Overlord, "Riptide."

Overlord Supernova.jpg
Overlord "Supernova" Armor Set was not given out, but only purchasable in the Subscriber Exclusive store for $7.50 USD. This set includes the torso, arms, and legs designed to match the 'cosmic firestorm' appearance of explosive vigilante Overlord, "Supernova."

The Overlord armor sets were made in 6 different color variants. The sets include all armor pieces except an undersuit. Three of these sets (excluding helmet) were handed out to Subscribers as Subscriber Flair in May 2020 in three different sets. The helmet packs were handed out the month prior (April 2020). The remaining three sets are scheduled to be handed out in a later month.

All sets were also put on the Subscribers Exclusive store, so current Subscribers can retro-actively purchase each pack for $7.50 USD.[2]


Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 01 R-Min 2.jpg
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 06 R-Min.jpg
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 20 R-Min.jpg
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 18 R-Min.jpg
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 04 R-Min.jpg
Srvl armor heavy helmet 01 01 05 R-Min.jpg
Overlord DustStorm.jpg
Overlord Riptide.jpg
Overlord Supernova.jpg


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