Star Citizen Wiki Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22

Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22

Mining Outpost on microTech (planet) in the Stanton system
Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22 26.04.2020 13 36 06.png
Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22
ClassificationMining Outpost
LocationOn microTech (planet)

Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22 is a mining outpost on microTech owned by Shubin Interstellar.

Visitor information

Travel Map marker
Quantum marker
Hazards Extreme cold
Control Jurisdiction microTech
Comm-array coverage
Armistice zone
Private property
Landing accomodation
Pads Small Medium Large X-large
Hangars Small Medium Large X-large
Surface landing Available

Stores & services

Service Provider
Commodity trading Trading console
Delivery handling Covalex delivery vendor machine
Repair, rearm & refuel Request on landing
Ground vehicle spawning Platinum Bay vehicle services
Clothing Unavailable
Armor Unavailable
Weapons & utilities Unavailable
Ship components Unavailable
Ship sales Unavailable
Ship rental Unavailable
Ship spawning Unavailable
Fine payment Unavailable


Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22 26.04.2020 13 34 04.png
Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22 26.04.2020 13 35 03.png


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