Tammany and Sons

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Tammany and Sons
IndustryClothing and Armor Shop
DemographicHurston Workers

Tammany and Sons is a shop in Lorville. It belongs to Hurston Dynamics and primarly sells goods to their workers in a truck-shop scheme that ensures no credits (or employees) leave the Hurston ecosystem.


The shop is located in the L19 Workers District of Lorville, Hurston right next to the miners' rail line. In addition to Clothing and Armor, the shop also sells Greycat Industrial's Pyro RYT Multi-Tool. Also of note is that this is where you can pick up a Gyson Ready-Up - the notorious "baghead" soft-body breathing helmet, which is frequently used by residents to cope with the planet's abysmal atmospheric quality.[citation needed ]

Items availability

As of 3.7.0, here is the list of item's available for purchase:


Component Manufacturer Model Body part Damage reduction (%) Price (UEC) Colors
RSI Beacon Body 10 1059 Beacon, Crimson, Orange, Yellow
Virgil Ltd ForceFlex Undersuit Body 10 1205 Autumn Camo, Black/Gold, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, DigiCamo, Forest Digi, Ocean Camo
RSI Odyssey II Undersuit Body 10 1059 Alpha, Autumn, Black/Blue, Brown/Grey, Exec, Green/Black, Multi, Orange/Black, Pink/Black, Red/Black, Seagreen/Black, Woodland, Yellow/Black
Clark Defense Systems TCS-4 Undersuit Body 10 932 Default, Arctic, Autumn, Desert, Twilight, Black/Grey
RSI Venture Undersuit Body 10 1059 Blue, Green/Black, Orange, Purple/Black, Purple/Violet, Red/White, Tan/Brown, Yellow