ARC-L1 Wide Forest Station

Rest Stop in the Stanton system
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ARC-L1 Wide Forest Station
Type Space station
Classification Rest Stop
System Stanton
Orbits ArcCorp
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Owner Rest & Relax
Shops & services Administration Office
Kel-To Medical Clinic
EZ Hab
Live Fire Weapons
Platinum Bay
Armor Store
Burrito Bar
Food Court

ARC-L1 Wide Forest Station is a Rest & Relax owned Rest Stop located in ArcCorp's L1 Lagrangian point.

In-game description

Located at the L1 Lagrange point of ArcCorp (Stanton III), Rest & Relax's Wide Forest Station offers a wide variety of shops and services for the weary traveler including: Refueling, Restocking, Ship Components, Personal Armor, Personal Weapons, Clothing, Food, and Habs. Also features a Refinery.

Visitor information

Travel Map marker
Quantum marker
Hazards None
Control Jurisdiction ArcCorp
Comm-array coverage
Armistice zone
Private property
Landing accomodation
Pads Small Medium Large X-large
Hangars Small Medium Large X-large
Surface landing Unavailable

Stores & services

Service Provider
Commodity trading Trading console
Delivery handling Covalex delivery vendor machine
Repair, rearm & refuel Request on landing
Ground vehicle spawning Unavailable
Clothing Unavailable
Armor Unnamed armour store
Weapons & utilities Live Fire Weapons
Ship components Platinum Bay
Ship sales Unavailable
Ship rental Unavailable
Ship spawning Fleet management terminal
Fine payment Fine payment terminal
Cargo Handling Unavailable
Ore Processing Refinery Deck

Food & drink

Storable items can be kept within your personal storage and consumed later.

Store Food
Pizza store X
Ellroy's X X
Hotdog store X
Noodle bar X X


Commodity Buy Sell
Distilled Spirits 5.06
Medical Supplies 18.11
Processed Food 1.42
Stims 3.46
Waste 0.005

Refinery Services

Material Specializations
Material Yield
Agricium (Ore) +2%
Aluminium (Ore) +4%
Beryl (Raw) -9%
Borase (Ore) -3%
Corundrum +2%
Diamond (Raw) +4%
Gold -6%
Hephaestanite -2%
Laranite (Raw) +4%
Taranite +2%

Mining Support Center

Last updated with information from Alpha 3.16

Mining Laser Heads
Laser Size Price (aUEC)
Hofstede-S2 2 12,750
Impact I 1 57,750
Klein-S1 1 10,150
Klein-S2 2 10,150
Lancet MH1 1 23,500
Mining Modules
Module Price (aUEC)
FLTR 6,000
FLTR-XL 60,000
Focus 4,000
Focus II 12,000
Forel 1,950
Lifeline 800
Optimum 3,000
Rieger-C2 18,000
Rime 1,100
Stampede 1,400
Torpid 1,950
Torrent 4,000
Torrent II 12,000
Torrent III 40,000
Vaux 2,000
Vaux-C2 6,000
Vaux-C3 20,000
XTR-L 6,000
XTR-XL 20,000



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