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System TypeSingle Star
Size15 AU
Star TypeMain Sequence Dwarf-F
Asteroid Belts1
Discovered in2531
Discovered byTeesa Morrison
Jump Points4

Yā’mon[1] was part of the Perry Line under the name Hadur that was ceded to the Xi’an as part of the Perry Line Pact. The Xi’an have begun terraforming a pair of planets in the system and are willing both to employ human labor and to purchase human-delivered goods as part of the process. A seemingly endless supply of heavy metals, fertilizers, heavy machinery and clean water is required, and the Xi’An as always pay top dollar for items they need.

The Xi’an and the UEE continue to patrol the system together, with an elite UEE police unit stationed near the star’s outer marker. Both governments claim the effort is an example of the evolving friendship between the two powers and it is not unusual to see Xi’an craft flying on the wing of UEE patrol ships. As a result, the system is on the short list for future UEE/Xi’an “First Laser” military training exercises.[2]

Gravitational Governors


Yā’mon is a Main Sequence Dwarf-F star.


Yā’mon I

A small, tidally locked planet with a few resources of note.

Yā’mon II

This terrestrial world is currently being terraformed by the Xi’an. Once habitable, it is not known what purpose the Xi’an will assign the planet.

Yā’mon III

The blackened rocky surface of this terrestrial world is no longer visible from orbit as Xi’an terraformers flood the atmosphere with violet gas to make the world habitable. The planet's eventual purpose has yet to be revealed by the Xi’an.

Yā’mon IV

A dwarf planet with little in the way of resources.

Asteroid Belts

The Hadur system contains one asteroid belt. Belt Alpha is located between the orbits of Yā’mon III and Yā’mon IV.

Known Jump Points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Yā’mon - Baker Large Baker
Yā’mon - Ail'ka Large Ayr'ka
Yā’mon - Hui_sen_Th.us’āng Medium Hui_sen_Th.us’āng
Yā’mon - Kyuk’ya Small Kyuk’ya