Covalex Hub Gundo

Shipping hub orbits Daymar in the Stanton system
Covalex Hub Gundo
LocationStanton system    Orbits Daymar
TypeSpace station
ClassificationShipping hub

Covalex Hub Gundo is a destroyed station in the Stanton System.

" Formerly Covalex's prime shipping hub for the system, Gundo suffered a catastrophic accident that resulted in an explosion and the deaths of all the employees aboard the station. Covalex has since moved their operations to Orison directly."
Starmap [1]

Upon approach, the station emits an automatic broadcast:

"This Covalex shipping hub is currently closed to the public. We apologize for the inconvenience."

At a shorter range, this is followed by:

"Warning! You are trespassing on Covalex private property."

And finally when entering in EVA:

"This station is currently off limits. Please vacate the area."

Since the station's debut in Alpha 2.0.0, Gundo has been home to the Secondary Mission P.I. Wanted, in which the player is tasked with uncovering the truth behind the accident, in order to potentially posthumously exonerate Darnell Ward, who has been accused of causing the disaster through negligence. The mission plays out through audio and text datapads found scattered throughout the station and has multiple endings.

Former crew


Despite her critical damage and complete lack of oxygen, the Starmap notes Hub Gundo as habitable.[2]



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