MIC-L4 Red Crossroads Station

Rest Stop in the Stanton system
MIC-L4 Red Crossroads Station
LocationStanton system
TypeSpace station
ClassificationRest Stop
ShopsAdministration Office
Kel-To Medical Clinic
EZ Hab
Armor Shop
Noodle Bar
Burrito Bar
Hot Dog Shop

MIC-L4 Red Crossroads Station is a Rest & Relax owned Rest Stop located in microTech's L4 Lagrangian point.

In-game description

Located at the L4 Lagrange point of microTech (Stanton IV), Rest & Relax's Shallow Frontier Station offers a wide variety of shops and services for the weary traveler including: Refueling, Restocking, Ship Components, Ship Weapons, Personal Weapons, Food, a Clinic and Habs.


Commodity Buy Sell
Waste 2
Aphorite 152,500
Compboard 2,250
Degnous Root 1,319
Distilled Spirits 566
Dolivine 130,000
Hadanite 275,000
Hydrogen 133
Medical Supplies 1,936
Party Favors 1,293
Processed Food 178
Scrap 175
Stims 385
Construction Materials 6,090



The space station was added to the Stanton system in the Alpha 3.17.2 update.


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