Asteroid Cluster in the Stanton system
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationAsteroid Cluster
LocationOrbits Crusader

The nav-beacon for 2930-CRU983 is granted by Tessa Bannister during the mission ICC Assistance (8), where they will encounter wreckage and potentially have to fight an ambush party of Vanduul Scythes. Due to the questline's temporary removal from Alpha 3.0.0, it is not currently an available destination. However the location appeared on an ARK Starmap demo in an Around the Verse episode featuring a post-3.0 branch of the game, suggesting that it will return.


This is the only appearance of the Vanduul so far in Star Citizen, not including their likeness in Arena Commander or the severed Vanduul head found in the Cubby Blast in Area18. Their presence in the Stanton system is rather unusual considering the system's distance from Vanduul space, however the system is on the "upper" fringe of known space, so this perhaps implies that the ICC Hub's search for Jump Points will result in finding a new border with Vanduul space. This theory is also supported by the Around the Verse sneak peek of Port Olisar coming under attack from a Kingship, which is even more unlikely as such a ship can only travel through the largest jump points, meaning it would have to go through many heavily defended UEE systems first unless there is an undiscovered large jump point in the Stanton system.

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