The Snake Pit

Racetrack on Clio in the Stanton system
Snake Pit Alpha 3.17.2.jpg
The Snake Pit
LocationStanton system    On Clio

The Snake Pit is an abandoned open-pit mine facility on Clio which has been repurposed as a racetrack by Wildstar Racing.[1]

In-game description

Weave around pylons, duck under cranes, and avoid precarious pipes in this abandoned mining facility as you strive to prevail over the Snake Pit and its venomous turns.

Technical details

Location Length Features
Clio 10.5 km Low-Altitude Flying, Winding Track
Prize Pool*
Medal Prize
Bronze 600 aUEC
Silver 1200 aUEC
Gold 1800 aUEC
Platinum 2400 aUEC

*- each medal gives the fee back as an extra prize


In a nod to the player-organized races held at this location, the developers decided to officially recognize it as a landmark by adding the abandoned mining equipment in Alpha 3.17.2.

In Alpha 3.18.0 following the introduction of race missions, new structures were added to the track to increase its difficulty.



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