Aaron Halo

Asteroid belt in Stanton system
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Aaron Halo
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Aaron Halo : Stanton Belt Alpha
Orbits the star in the Stanton system
Asteroid belt
System Belt

The Aaron Halo is a dense asteroid belt within the Stanton system, located between Crusader and ArcCorp. The belt is also considered one of the most valuable mining areas in Stanton.[1] According to the lore, Quantum travel through it is nearly impossible, and citizens wishing to do so must utilize one of the Aaron Halo Gateways owned by ArcCorp. Currently, the Aaron Halo gateways are not implemented in 3.17 and the asteroid belt can be freely traversed.

After Crusader Industries purchased Stanton II from the United Empire of Earth, it attempted to enact mining restrictions in and around the Aaron Halo. However, because the belt was not specifically included in Stanton II’s purchase contracts, the company was required to relinquish its claim. Crusader Industries has submitted a legal challenge that has yet to be resolved by the UEE courts. In the meantime, the right to apply for mine claims in the belt has been unilaterally granted to all.[2]


Aaron Halo is comprised primarily of three different mineral types: P-type, M-type, and harvestable minerals.[citation needed]


Miners claim the following minerals to exist within the Aaron Halo belt; Borase, Laranite, Hephaestanite, Titanium, Diamond, Gold, Copper, Tungsten, Corundum, Aluminum, and Hadanite.[citation needed]


Aaron Halo is accessible to anyone within the universe. With no jump point available for quantum travelling, citizens can visit the asteroid belt by quantum travelling from Hurston to ArcCorp and disengage at roughly 9,500,000 km remaining or disengaging at 13,500,000 km remaining from ArcCorp to Hurston. [citation needed]


The development of Aaron Halo is currently on hold due to resource being allocated to Pyro system.[3]


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