Downed Relay AC-652

Landmark on Hurston in the Stanton system
Downed Relay AC-652.png
Downed Relay AC-652
LocationStanton system    On Hurston

Downed Relay AC-652 refers to several different possible forms and locations of a crashed CommArray on the surface of Hurston.


The site is used in a Dynamic Mission shared by Mission Givers Clovus Darneely and Constantine Hurston. When the mission begins, one of the two will send a player to recover a Prototype Server Blade from the wreckage. After a slight head-start, the other will then send another player to destroy the Blade.

Reaching the data storage unit requires use of Mantling and a jump. In addition to the Prototype, there are also two regular Server Blades in place, so whichever player reaches the site first will have to inspect the Blades to find the correct one.

If, by the time the second player reaches the site, the Prototype Blade has already been removed from the area, the mission switches from multiplayer dynamic to regular with a set objective of finding the missing Blade at an underground bunker location.


During the CitizenCon 2948 Keynote Demo when the Downed Relay was first shown, Chris Roberts said that the fire will be hazardous in the future with updates to the Player Status System.[citation needed]


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