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Titles are configurable labels with associated icons, usually displayed next to a player's avatar and name. They appear on Spectrum, on the RSI Forums, and players' citizen dossiers.

Players can obtain titles by backing Star Citizen, purchasing packages during limited sales, or participating to various events and mini-games, either in-game or on the Roberts Space Industries website.

Backer Titles

The number listed beside each title corresponds to the current pledge total required to attain that title. Original packages included titles that did not directly relate to pledge total.

Title Icon
Pledge total to earn
Originally associated with the package(s)
Civilian Title Civilian.png
"Community Pledge"
Scout Title Scout.png
"First Responder", "Early Adopter", "I Got Two of 'Em!", "Quad Damage"
Mercenary Title Mercenary.png
"Have Starship Will Travel"
Bounty Hunter Title Bountyhunter.png
"Make Mine a Double"
Colonel Title Colonel.png
Freelancer Title Freelancer.png
Rear Admiral Title Rearadmiral.png
"Come Fly With Me"
Vice Admiral Title Viceadmiral.png
"The Man"
High Admiral Title Highadmiral.png
"The Stars my Destination", "To the Stars!"
Grand Admiral Title Grandadmiral.png
"In the Distant Future..."
Lt. Commander Title Ltcommander.png
"Go Boldly"
Space Marshal Title Spacemarshal.png
"Go Boldly"
Wing Commander Title Commander.png
"Give me the Galaxy"
Completionist Title Completionist.png
Legatus Title Legatus2.png

Recruitment Titles

Titles earned via the recruitment of new backers (gained by use of referral codes). More information about the referral program can be found on the Referral Program page.

Title Icon
Recruits to earn
Additional reward
Recruiter Title Recruiter.png
Badger and Badges

A series of UEE Squadron Badges for you and a K&W CF-117 Badger Repeater for your ship.

Private Title Private.png
Gimbals and Guns

Add fire power to your ship with two gimbal mounts and two K&W CF-007 Bulldog Repeaters.

Corporal Title Corporal.png
Surf and Turf

Upgrade your hangar with a Greycat buggy and a stylish tank filled with exotic fish.

Sergeant Title Sergeant.png
Gladius and Gold

Land your new Aegis Gladius next to this set of gold ship models celebrating some of the ’verse’s best: the Aurora, Constellation, Hornet, Avenger, & Freelancer.

Lieutenant Title Lieutenant.png
Arena Commander Racing Package

Feed your need for speed by permanently unlocking the 350R, M50, and Mustang Gamma in Crusader & Arena Commander. Also includes 15,000 UEC.

Captain Title Captain.png
Arena Commander Combat Package

Find your favorite fighter with permanent access to the Cutlass Black, Hornet, Avenger, & Aurora LN in Crusader & Arena Commander. Also includes 30,000 UEC.

Major Title Major.png
Speed Racer

Get your heart—and your ship—racing with the cutting edge power of the MISC Razor.

Lt. Colonel Title Ltcolonel.png
Dog Fighter

Maneuver in and out of combat with the Vanduul armada’s lightest fighter: the Blade.

Colonel Title Colonelreferral.png
Ready For Battle

Soar into battle with the ship reserved for the Vanduul elite: the Glaive. Warning: This ship is for experienced combat pilots.

Brigadier General Title Brigadiergeneral.png
Anvil Ship Package

Pair the defensive strength of the Anvil Terrapin with the aggressive punch of the Hurricane in this two-ship reward.

Major General Title Majorgeneral.png
Million Mile High Club Access

Party at the trendiest club in the ‘verse. The Million Mile High Club is an exclusive, in-game facility for the most dedicated Star Citizen fans.

Lt. General Title Ltgeneral.png
Star Crossing

Voyage across the ‘verse in commanding fashion with the Aegis Javelin, one of the UEE Navy’s premier warships.

Other Titles

Title Icon Earned by
Aggressor Title Aggressor.png Completing Vanduul Swarm in online play after GamesCom 2015.
2946 Aggressor Title 2946 Aggressor.png Completing Vanduul Swarm in online play after GamesCom 2016.
2946 Pirate Aggressor Title 2946 Pirate Aggressor.png Completing Pirate Swarm in online play after GamesCom 2016.
Fooled! Title Fooled.png Attempting to buy the April Fools 2016 Big Benny Reliant in Careers: Intergalactic Food Delivery on RSI Website.
Golden Ticket Title GoldenTicket.png Signing up for the RSI site before Star Citizen was announced on October 11, 2012.
Holder of the Golden Shirt Title Holder Of The Golden Shirt.png Awarded to the purchaser of the golden shirt which Mark Skelton wore during The Next Great Starship.
Kickstarter Title Kickstarter.png Backing Star Citizen on Kickstarter.
Most Valuable Poster Title MVP.png Granted once a week by Cloud Imperium Games during Around the Verse to a worthy poster on the forums or community hub.
VIP Title VIP.png Unknown.
Original Backer Title OriginalBacker.png Backing before the end of the original backing campaign on November 26, 2012. Mutually exclusive with New and Veteran backer titles.
Veteran Backer Title VeteranBacker.png Backing after November 26, 2012 but on or before July 6th 2013. Mutually exclusive with New and Original backer titles.
New Backer Title NewBacker.png Backing after July 6, 2013. Mutually exclusive with Veteran and Original backer titles.
Subscriber Title Subscriber.png Subscribing.
Cartographer Title Cartographer.png Completing the Exploration Adventure minigame included in the Carrack concept sale.
Predator Title Predator.png Completing the Normal difficulty of the Hyper Vanguard Force minigame.
Apex Predator Title Apexpredator.png Completing the HyperPink difficulty of the Hyper Vanguard Force minigame.
Prospector Title Prospector.png Reaching 0 UEC debt in the A Loan in the 'Verse minigame released with the Orion concept sale.
Class G License Title Class G License.png Passing the DTN Class-G small land vehicle Commercial Operator's License test released with the Cyclone concept sale.
Guardian Angel Title Guardian Angel.png Scoring at least 100,000 points in the Astromedics Back From the Brink minigame included in the Apollo concept sale.
Bronze Observer Title Bronze Observer.png Scoring 5-7 out of 10 on the Observer Test. Mutually exclusive with other Observer titles.
Silver Observer Title Silver Observer.png Scoring 8-9 out of 10 on the Observer Test. Mutually exclusive with other Observer titles.
Gold Observer Title Gold Observer.png Scoring 10 out of 10 on the Observer Test. Mutually exclusive with other Observer titles.
Bug Skipper Title Bug Skipper.png Warned the crew of the Belligerent Duck during the manhunt.
High Jacket Title High Jacket.png Alerted the Advocacy to the position of the Belligerent Duck during the manhunt.
Maximum Throttle Ship Master Title Maximum Throttle Ship Master.png Scored 70% or higher on the 2018 Anniversary Sale Ship Masters test. Answer key.
Clearance Level Ultra Title Clearance level ultra.png Purchasing the Aegis Eclipse during the concierge pre-sale event.
Nox Racing Club Title Nox Racing Club.png Purchasing the AopoA Nox during the pre-sale event.
Tumbril Stock Owner Title Tumbril Stock Owner.png Purchasing the Tumbril Cyclone during the pre-sale event.
Philanthropist Badge Title Philanthropist.png Purchasing the Hercules during the concierge pre-sale event.
Aeon Club Aeon Club Title.png Awarded to the first 1 million accounts.
Epoch Society Epoch Society Title.png Awarded to the first 2 million accounts.

Official Titles

Title Icon Title held by
Game Master
Title GameMaster.png
Moderator Title Moderator.png Volunteer moderators.
Staff Title Staff.png Cloud Imperium Games staff.
Developer Title Developer.png Game developers.
Creator Title Creator.png Exclusive to Chris Roberts, the creator of Star Citizen.