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FocusSecurity, Defense, Bounty Hunting
HeadquartersLorville, Stanton III - Stanton System
LeadersIan Archelius, Steven Cristler, James Burrow
FounderIan Archelius, Steven Cristler, James Burrow
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Gjallarhorn is a Human paramilitary organization founded by former members of the Dresden Group following the withdrawal of the aforementioned corporation from the Stanton system. Gjallarhorn is focused on security, planetary and installation defense, as well as limited bounty hunting. Gjallarhorn fields a fully capable military with both naval and ground forces. The organization is known for doing large amounts of business with both Anvil Aerospace and Clark Defense Systems when outfitting their forces. Gjallarhorn heavily recruits from both the general population as well as the UEE armed forces retirement pool which means many of their ships and units either consist of, or are commanded by, veterans who have seen action throughout some of the toughest fronts.



  • Founding members of Gjallarhorn relocate to the Stanton system on contract with Hurston Dynamics. At this time Gjallarhorn was not yet even an idea and the original members who traveled to the Stanton system were part of a security company, The Dresden Group, who was working with HD for security contracting.


  • Pre-Gjallarhorn members participate in raids throughout the Hurston system over the course of the year in an attempt to stem the flow of drugs into Lorville business district while working with Hurston Security. During this time the same group participated in numerous defensive and offensive operations in support of Hurston Dynamics.


  • Relationships between the members of The Dresden Group in the core systems and in the Stanton system begin to break down following an assignment handed down by Dresden leadership that led to a friendly fire incident killing two friendly combatants and one VIP civilian. Early talks between Stanton Dresden Group members begins around their future.


  • Stanton members officially break off from The Dresden Group and establish the security company Gjallarhorn. With The Dresden Group already looking to cease all operations in the Stanton system Gjallarhorn was able to retain control of a majority of supplies, funds, and contracts the Stanton branch of The Dresden Group held before.


  • Gjallarhorn begins operations again throughout the entire Stanton system including the Hurston Dynamics owned areas even in light of the previous operation failures that led to the original termination of the HD Dresden Group contract.


  • Gjallarhorn acquires their first large scale ship, the GNV Isaribi a Carrack Expedition class vessel, which allows them to expand their operating range and campaign length.


  • With the acquisition of their first dedicated cargo bearing vessel, a C2 Hercules, Gjallarhorn begins providing secure cargo and delivery services as a part of their operation catalogue.


  • Gjallarhorn officially signs contract with Clark Defense Systems that makes them Gjallarhorns primary personnel armor supplier. With this move the Defiance Armor becomes the face of Gjallarhorns rapidly expanding ground operations.
  • In an effort to modernize and reinforce their ground and infantry units, Gjallarhorn signs its second major contract of the year with Anvil Aerospace. This contract will provide Gjallarhorn with a steady supply of ground and landing vehicles such as the Ballista and Valkryie as well as future allocations for boarding ships such as the Legionnaire.
  • Following their success in their early cargo and trading endeavors, Gjallarhorn is faced with the rare opportunity to acquire a Banu Merchantman from a Banu Souli. Gjallarhorn embraces this as an opportunity to both expand their trading business as well as establish a mobile HQ for their endeavors.
  • In a major move to further reinforce their naval forces, Gjallarhorn purchases a Perseus which will fill the role of their primary assault ship. This move not only gives Gjallarhorn’s navy the firepower it needs against pirates but also allows them to shift their flagship, the GNV Isaribi, out of the direct line of fire.
  • In preparation for further operation expansions, Gjallarhorn purchases an Aegis Reclaimer. This will allow Gjallarhorn to not only support salvage operations in their area of operation but also project additional power in security operations.
  • In their largest move as an organization since its creation, Gjallarhorn formally absorbs allied organization “USS Victory”. This move follows substantial changes in USS-V leadership leading to a need for major organizational changes. Rather than continue to split resources attempting to keep both organizations afloat, Gjallarhorn leadership decides to merge the two. Key USS-V leadership and qualified members will be integrated into the Gjallarhorn chain of command over the following months.
  • As the ranks of Gjallarhorn grew towards the end of the year and additional operational was income needed to support its growth, leadership began to look towards expanding the cargo operations of the organization. To do so two Hull C ships were purchased from Musashi Industrial Flight Concern (MISC) which both replaced the org flagship, the Banu Merchantman, as the primary cargo transport for org operations but also expanded the org’s ability to do business in the cargo sector. Alongside this purchase Gjallarhorn also reserved a Galaxy from Roberts Space Industries (RSI) and other small to medium ships from numerous manufacturers. This has rounded out the org’s multi role capabilities and further prepares it for the upcoming journey to Pyro.


Gjallarhorn Space Corps

  • The Gjallarhorn Space Corps are responsible for the primary operation of any ship within the Gjallarhorn Navy. This includes the pilot of an MPUV fleet tender, a space jockey who pilots one of Gjallarhorn's many fighter ships, or the captain of one of our many multi-crew vessels all the way up to the biggest ships in the fleet. Members of Gjallarhorn under this branch are commonly referred to as "starman and starwoman".

Gjallarhorn Marines

  • The Gjallarhorn Marines are responsible for all ground, boarding, defensive, and EVA missions that may occur. A Gjallarhorn Marine is the frontline defensive and offensive unit of Gjallarhorn. Gjallarhorn Marine units are often assigned to a ship or larger unit in support of overall organization missions.

Gjallarhorn Operations Division

  • The Gjallarhorn Operations Division is responsible for the maintenance, management, and operation of ships, weapons, and facilities under Gjallarhorn. This includes all serving roles onboard a Gjallarhorn starship (excluding the pilot, any assigned complement pilots, co-pilot, and marine contingents) as well as at any Gjallarhorn facility. While the Operations team does not see combat directly, they are an integral part of the organization and keeping it running.

Organizational Structure and Information


  • Gjallarhorn is led by a council of 7, otherwise known as the "Seven Stars of Gjallarhorn", which make decisions on the overall direction and actions of the organization. They are tasked with preserving Gjallarhorn, its efforts, and its beliefs at all costs.
  • Reporting to the council are commanders who run branches, installations, and fleets throughout Gjallarhorn. The commanders are generally recruited from the existing officer corps and are tasked with both the survival of their individual command as well as coordinating with the rest of Gjallarhorn in pursuit of their large efforts.
  • Finally, the officer corps makes up the largest section of Gjallarhorn's leadership by membership size and therefore have the largest overall presence in command roles throughout the organization. The officer corps consist of any command or leadership role up to a captain of a ship, any promotions past that are considered commander level positions. The officer corps is picked from the existing members of Gjallarhorn and is known for its discipline as well as ability to act independently in pursuit of Gjallarhorn's goals.


  • All Gjallarhorn naval vessel vessels that serve in combat or combat support roles that also require a minimum effective crew of 4 starman must have a unique name preceded by the "GNV" (Gjallarhorn Naval Vessel) designation.
  • All Gjallarhorn naval vessels that serve in non combat or non combat support roles that also require a minimum effective crew of 4 starman must have a unique name preceded by the "GCV" (Gjallarhorn Civilian Vessel) designation.

Operation History

Long Term Operations

Operation Persistent Justice - 2939-2944

  • Operation Persistent Justice was the running name for then Dresden Group members contract with Hurston Security to assist in securing Hurston and it's moons from Nine Tails threats. This operation was ended suddenly following the termination of all contracts between Hurston and the then Dresden. This was as a result of a botched security escort mission which resulted in the friendly fire death of a VIP asset. The failure has been attributed to the Dresden Group head offices, located on Earth, hiring 3rd party operators for the secondary security detail in an attempt to cut costs. The 3rd party operators did not recognize the primary teams' identifiers and attacked them thinking they were hostile forces.

Operation Steadfast Will - 2945-Present

  • Operation Steadfast will is the associated operation with the security control Gjallarhorn holds with Hurston Security. This contract charges Gjallarhorn with continued defense of Hurston Dynamics outposts on Hurston and it's moons.

Short Term Operations

Operation Unbreaking Wall - 2951-2953

  • Operation Unbreaking Wall was the operational name for Gjallarhorn's involvement in the XenoThreat incursion overtime as the Civilian Defense Force called upon civilian organizations and operators to support them. Gjallarhorn provided mostly light fighter and escort support until recently when they began fielding numerous multi crew ships to help stem the tide, Gjallarhorn squadrons have been responsible for numerous Xenothreat capital kills across the operation's duration. Currently with the Xenothreat forces having retreated back to Pyro, Gjallarhorn forces have also withdrawn from INS Jericho and temporarily suspended this operation.

Operation Wings of Crusader - 2952-2953

  • Operation Wings of Crusader is the operational name for Gjallarhorns involvement in the defense of Orison from a series of Nine Tails incursions across the platforms of Orison. This operation saw an overwhelming involvement from Gjallarhorn Marines as organization leadership saw it as both a training opportunity and a way to showcase their ground control capabilities. Gjallarhorn operators were credited with the elimination of numerous Nine Tails leadership including multiple on commander Mendo Ren.

Ship Roster

These are only ships that Gjallarhorn fields in combat or combat support roles, in addition to this list Gjallarhorn operates numerous many non-offensive ships for industrial and civilian pursuits.

Bases Of Operation

Currently, Gjallarhorn only operates in the Stanton system out of their headquarters at Lorville. In addition to this headquarters Gjallarhorn also operates regional branches in Microtech and ArcCorp. The flagship of the Gjallarhorn fleet, the GNV Isaribi (Carrack Expedition) serves as the mobile base for the organization when needed or if all physical locations fall.


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