M7A Cannon

Size 5 vehicle weapon manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
M7A Cannon
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
TypeLaser Cannon

The Behring M7A Cannon is a size 5 vehicle laser cannon. It is a part of the M-series laser autocannon.[1]


This versatile long distance energy autocannon is the latest in Behring's M-Series. The M7A is designed to act as a high impact deterrent effective at medium to long range. The new AC8 Lens system minimizes stopping power loss over distance, making each shot equally effective at longer ranges.

Universe availability

Standard on

VehicleManufacturerGame build
600i ExplorerOrigin Jumpworks3.21.1-PTU.8892745
600i TouringOrigin Jumpworks3.21.1-PTU.8892745
A2 Hercules StarlifterCrusader Industries3.21.1-PTU.8892745


  1. In-game description in 3.10.0
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