New Deal

Human company in the vehicle sales industry
New Deal
IndustryVehicle sales
ProductsGround vehicles, Spacecraft
Area servedLorville, Hurston

New Deal is a vehicle dealership based at Teasa Spaceport in Lorville. They offer ground vehicles and spacecraft to suit a range of budgets, across a wide range of manufacturers.

Their Teasa Spaceport dealership boasts internal and external show floors, allowing customers to explore a range of vehicles on display.

Ship prices

Updated: August 23, 2021 (8 months ago) (2021-08-23) - Alpha 3.14.1
Manufacturer Ship aUEC
Aegis Dynamics Avenger Stalker 882,200
Avenger Titan 785,600
Avenger Warlock 1,155,500
Eclipse 3,490,000
Gladius 1,169,900
Hammerhead 12,459,900
Reclaimer 15,126,400
Retaliator 4,031,700
Sabre 2,183,300
Vanguard Harbinger 2,050,500
Vanguard Hoplite 3,104,200
Vanguard Sentinel 2,012,000
Vanguard Warden 3,387,800
Anvil Aerospace Ballista 364,500
Argo Astronautics MPUV Cargo 224,200
MPUV Personnel 233,000
Mole 5,130,500
Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha 251,400
Mustang Beta 404,000
Nomad 952,800
Crusader Industries Mercury Star Runner 4,912,500
M2 Hercules Starlifter 5,225,300
Drake Interplanetary Buccaneer 1,410,100
Caterpillar 4,686,600
Cutlass Black 1,385,300
Cutlass Blue 2,493,500
Cutlass Red 1,810,500
Dragonfly 272,700
Herald 1,181,100
Greycat Industrial ROC 172,000
ROC-DS 176,500
Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern Freelancer 1,697,600
Freelancer DUR 1,967,600
Freelancer MAX 2,181,500
Freelancer MIS 2,537,800
Prospector 2,061,000
Razor 1,761,200
Razor EX 1,878,800
Razor LX 1,823,800
Reliant Kore 744,700
Reliant Mako 780,000
Reliant Sen 840,000
Reliant Tana 870,000
Starfarer 6,651,500
Starfarer Gemini 6,191,500
Origin Jumpworks 85X 574,500
100i 654,000
125a 791,000
890 Jump 32,294,500
M50 Interceptor 1,193,800
Roberts Space Industries Aurora CL 487,600
Aurora ES 124,100
Aurora MR 184,900
Aurora LN 338,400
Aurora LX 245,500
Constellation Andromeda 3,548,000
Constellation Aquila 4,926,700
Constellation Phoenix 5,658,800
Mantis 1,230,000
Ursa Rover 70,267
Tumbril Land Systems Cyclone 28,086
Cyclone-AA 28,086
Cyclone-RC 28,086
Cyclone-RN 28,086
Cyclone-TR 28,086
Cyclone-Nova 546,027


New Deal ROC Highlight.png
New Deal Sabre Highlight.png
New Deal Starfarer Highlight.png
New Deal Razor Highlight.png
New Deal Hammerhead Highlight.png
New Deal Mole Highlight.png
New Deal Mustang Beta Highlight.png
New Deal Reliant Sen Highlight.png
New Deal Buccaneer Highlight.png
New Deal Constellation Aquila Highlight.png
New Deal Constellation Phoenix Highlight.png
New Deal Cutlass Red Highlight.png
New Deal Cyclone AA Highlight.png
New Deal Eclipse Highlight.png
New Deal Freelancer Highlight.png
New Deal 85x Limited Highlight.png
New Deal Aurora CL Highlight.png
New Deal Ballista Highlight.png


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