F7C Hornet

Single-seat ship manufactured by Anvil
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F7C Hornet
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F7C Hornet
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The Anvil Aerospace F7C Hornet is the civilian version of the classic F7A Hornet, the carrier-based medium fighter utilized by UEE Navy. It is a multi-purpose fighter and is heavily redesigned to fit non-military components. The F7A's iconic center turret has been taken out and replaced by a cargo hold with a capacity of 2SCU.[1]


While the F7C is a civilian variant of the F7A, it can still pack a punch with its three Size 3 gun hard-points and two missiles racks that hold a pair of Size 1 and Size 2 missiles each.
This variant replaces the central turret with a Stor-All 'Big Box' (model H) that can carry 2 SCUs of cargo.
The F7Cs cargo hold can be swapped out for other options like the Broad & Rabiee C4-160F gun turret.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
F7C Hornet in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C Hornet in space - Above.jpg
F7C Hornet in space - Port.jpg
F7C Hornet in space - Front.jpg
F7C Hornet in space -Rear.jpg
F7C Hornet in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear
F7C Hornet in SelfLand - Isometric.jpg
F7C Hornet in SelfLand - Above.jpg
F7C Hornet in SelfLand - Port.jpg
F7C Hornet in SelfLand - Front.jpg
F7C Hornet in SelfLand - Rear.jpg

Special editions

Image Name Description
F7C Hornet Wildfire in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C Hornet "Wildfire" Part of the Masters of Flight series, with a custom livery, the Wildfire pays tribute to famed pilot Aria Reilly for her distinguished service with the legendary Squadron 42.[2]

Series civilian variants

Image Name Description
F7C Hornet in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C Hornet The civilian variant of the classic F7A Hornet. Also has a small cargo hold.
F7C-M Super Hornet in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C-M Super Hornet This variant is the closest to the F7A Hornet military load-out that is legally possible for a civilian model.
F7C-R in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C-R Hornet Tracker The F7C-R is variant that is designed for scouting, but can also be use for command and control.
F7C-S Hornet Ghost in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C-S Hornet Ghost The stealth variant designed to have a low profile.
F7C mkII flying over outpost firing weapons - Colour and contrast adjusted - Cropped.png
F7C Hornet Mk II The civilian variant of the F7A Hornet Mk II.

Series military variants

Image Name Description
F7A Hornet Mk.I in-game.png
F7A Hornet (Mk I) The original Hornet that all other variants are based off. It has been the primary military fighter of the UEE Navy for hundreds of years.[3]
F7A Hornet Mk II It is the latest version of the classic F7A Hornet.
F7A-R Hornet Tracker The F7A-R Hornet Tracker is the military version of the Hornet tracker.[4]


"Frostbite" "Invictus Blue & Gold" "Timberline"
F7C Frostbite in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C Invictus BG in space - Isometric.jpg
F7C Timberline in space - Isometric.jpg



The F7C Hornet is the first civilian ship produced by Anvil Aerospace. Due to the UEE military secrecy laws, that 60% of the military hardware in a given spacecraft cannot be offered to the civilians, Anvil has to replacing existing systems without being given access to their military equivalents. In some cases, designers must reconstruct subsystems based solely on publicly available holographs. Civilianizing top-of-the-line military spacecraft is a frustrating process, but one that has proved ultimately valuable for Anvil: company profits rose 34% after the first civilian model F7C Hornet was made available.[5]



  • The first Hornet for Star Citizen started out its life in a very different shape as part of a Wing Commander pitch[6]


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