Ashburn Channel Aid Shelter

Shelter on Cellin in the Stanton system
Cellin Ashburn-Channel-Aid-Shelter Day.jpg
Ashburn Channel Aid Shelter
LocationStanton system    On Cellin

Ashburn Channel Aid Shelter is a shelter designed for emergency use, located on Cellin.


The shelter was named after the channel of the same name. Crusader Industries' former lead ship designer, Shelly Ashburn, became enamored with this location for its picturesque angle of Crusader on the horizon. She often visited the spot to channel her creative energy, earning it the nickname, Ashburn Channel, among her team. Following her retirement in 2940, the site officially adopted the title.[1]

Visitor information

Travel Map marker
Quantum marker
Hazards Extreme cold
Control Jurisdiction Crusader
Comm-array coverage
Armistice zone
Private property
Landing accomodation
Pads Unavailable
Surface landing Available


Service Provider
Commodity trading Unavailable
Delivery handling Unavailable
Repair, rearm & refuel Unavailable
Ground vehicle spawning Unavailable


  1. Datamined from Alpha 3.10.0
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