Gallete Family Farms

Outpost on Cellin in the Stanton system
Cellin Gallete-Family-Farms Day.jpg
Gallete Family Farms
LocationStanton system    On Cellin

Gallete Family Farms is an independently owned agricultural Outpost on Crusader's moon Cellin.

Representing a tradition passed down through generations, Gallete Family Farms prides itself on growing quality hydroponics. During Imperator Costigan's 2944 trip to the Stanton System, he shared a meal here. The Imperator hoped his visit would draw attention to the hardworking, independent farmers across the Empire that would benefit from the agricultural subsidies legislation being debated by the Senate at the time.

Visitor information

Travel Map marker
Quantum marker
Control Jurisdiction Crusader
Comm-array coverage
Armistice zone
Private property

Landing accomodation
Pads Unavailable
Surface landing Available


Service Provider
Commodity trading Trading console
Delivery handling Covalex delivery vendor machine
Repair, rearm & refuel Unavailable
Ground vehicle spawning Unavailable


Last updated: October 22, 2019; 2 years ago (2019-10-22)
Commodity Buy Sell
Agricultural Supplies 1.06
Distilled Spirits 4.37-4.73
Medical Supplies 17.65
Processed Food 1.21-1.28
Revenant Tree Pollen 1.32
Stims 3.49
Waste 0.005-0.01


Gallete Family Farms.png
Gallete Family Farms2.png


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