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Large ship manufactured by Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
MISC Odyssey Promo flying away from planet.jpg
ManufacturerMusashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC)
Crew4 – 6
Cargo capacity252 SCU
Production state
  • In Concept
Loaner vehicleCarrack, Reliant Kore
In-Game Cost
BuyNot available
Pledge ($USD)
AvailabilityTime-limited sales
Length140 m
Beam90 m
Height35 m
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The Odyssey by MISC is a large, highly advanced multi-crew explorer optimized for long-duration expeditions. This robust vessel boasts an on-board refinery and mining gear along with a single small hangar, a medical bay, and accommodations for a crew of 6. [1]


Survey distant frontiers and seek the undiscovered reaches of the galaxy with MISC’s Odyssey, the most advanced exploration ship available to civilian starfarers. The onboard refinery, ship hangar, built-in mining tech and tractor beam, expansive supply hold, and comprehensive accommodation for a crew of six all allow you to tame the furthest reaches of space, remaining self-sufficient almost indefinitely. Discover a new life deep among the stars. Only from MISC. [1]


  • Weapons/Shields: Equipped with three turrets with paired Size 5 guns, four missile racks, and powerful shields, the Odyssey is a tough target to take down.
  • Hangar: The onboard hangar accommodates a single small ship for scouting or defense.
  • Medical Bay: A Tier 2 Med Bay gets injured parties back into action quickly and safely.
  • Mining Arm and Tractor Beam: A fully integrated mining arm paired with a tractor beam allows for exploitation of newly discovered resources.
  • Onboard refinery: A built-in refinery refines gas from the ship's intakes into hydrogen, and quantanium from the mining arm into quantum fuel.


Ship profile

Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below


The following paints (skins) can be used on all variants of the Odyssey.

Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
MISC Odyssey default paint.jpg
"Default" Default paint of the Odyssey
MISC Odyssey Windrider paint.jpg
"Windrider" Dark grey ship with a white topside. [not available] 19.00


MISC Odyssey Promo landing pad loading.jpg
MISC Odyssey Promo flying away from planet.jpg
MISC Odyssey Promo turrets in combat.jpg
MISC Odyssey Promo interior.jpg
MISC Odyssey Promo Medbay.jpg
MISC Odyssey Promo mining with prospector.jpg
Misc odyssey promo flying atmosphere.png
Misc odyssey promo banner.png
Misc odyssey promo lava planet.png
Misc odyssey promo jump point approach.png
Misc odyssey promo landing on planet outpost.png
Misc odyssey promo banner-unloading.png



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